joi, 18 februarie 2016

Social Media Summit 2016 - the place to be for all social media lovers

Hello my lovely readers, today I want to share with you an event that cannot be missed, especially if you have a blog, a brand, a media agency, you are a PR, a communication specialist or you are a social media lover.

Social Media Summit 2016 is one of the largest social media events, where the who's who in online media gathers to share ideas, experiences and stories of success. It is an event where bloggers from all domains participate, together with social media agencies and brands and change ideas and information and also socialize.

sâmbătă, 13 februarie 2016

Melkior I'm in love collection and other bitesize news

As Valentine's Day is getting closer I thought I would share with you the latest make-up collection from Melkior to help you inspire yourself for the Vday make-up and look. It is a serious matter which deserves the outmost attention. The Melkior I'm in love collection draws its inspiration from the bold, red colour - the symbol of passion and burning hearts that shine so brightly on Valentine's Day.

vineri, 12 februarie 2016

Rosy Pink make-up look

I'm back my lovely readers with a new make-up look; today the weather is slightly cloudy and grim so I thought a nice make-up look will make everything better. This time I did a Rosy Pink make-up look with the help of the MustaeV Dazzle Pink mono eyeshadow and the MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE, I adore.

I love both of them dearly! (I have thought about showing you some of my daily make-up looks and the products I use for a long time and it has proved difficult for me so far since I often don't have time to photo the products and the make-up look. But I'll try my best ; I want to show you the products in the make-up look, on the face not only in swatches, writing about them.) Let's begin :

joi, 11 februarie 2016

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with Sephora's Be Atomic collection

Hello my sweet readers today I'm back, as promised, with the information on the Sephora limited edition Valentine's Day collection. If you planned to spoil yourself and your handsome Valentine you can do no wrong with this pretty lovely collection.

The Sephora Be Atomic collection includes scented bath confetti in the shape of hearts (perfect to heat things up in the bath), lip balm (a pink cutie in the shape of a pretty heart), handwash, bubble bath & shower gel and nourishing velvet cream - all created to pamper the body and seduce the senses.

marți, 9 februarie 2016

Focus on ... Sephora

My lovely readers I have great news to share with you today : Sephora has just launched its new online shop - it's a great news especially for those who do not have a Sephora store in their area. It is great news for all the men who are looking for a fast and easy shopping experience, especially since Valentine's Day is getting closer (I'll be back with a post about Sephora's Valentine's Day collection later). Let's find out more on how the Sephora brand was created.

vineri, 5 februarie 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 - Show your love beyond words with Sabon

There is no greater feeling that the one of being in love : being in love with your soulmate, being in love with your parents, or daughters, sons, or any other family members, being in love with your best friends that love you for all that you are, there is a great love we share with our pets and all that surrounds us. Love is indeed everywhere we look, we just have to see it and feel it. And yes, many times we feel a greater love that is indeed beyond words. This is the name of Sabon's Valentine's Day 2016 limited edition collection Love beyond words. A collection that is all about sharing the love with our special ones. Certainly it will make Valentine's Day even more special.

miercuri, 3 februarie 2016

SVR Liftiane - the newest anti-aging range joins the fight against skin aging

Today I'm back with great news for all of you that are always looking for the latest and most powerful weapons against the aging. This is the human nature, we are always discontent with our appearance and we wish to improve it. One of the oldest known enemies we have is the skin aging and this fact generates an entire industry based on thorough research, the latest tehnologies and anti-aging ingredients, all aiming to effectively delay the unpleasant effects of aging. SVR, the renowned French dermatocosmetics brand, has recently launched an entire range aimed specifically to tackle this issue : SVR Liftiane. 

luni, 1 februarie 2016

Yves Rocher Shower & Bath Gel, Candied Orange & Cinnamon - review

Hello my sweet readers, today I'm back with a new review of a product that I simply adore! Since the day I got it I was hooked to its special kind of magic. It is a shower gel from Yves Rocher's Christmas limited collection - Yves Rocher Shower & Bath Gel with Candied Orange & Cinnamon.

miercuri, 27 ianuarie 2016

Welcome To Romania Urban Decay! and my current favourite UD palettes

Oh how long have I waited to give this wonderful news to you, my lovely readears : finally Urban Decay the world-famous make-up brand is coming to Romania, exclusively at Sephora. Urban Decay is Beauty With An Edge. Feminine, dangerous and fun, it appeals to women who enjoy their individuality and dare to express it.

luni, 25 ianuarie 2016

Sabon Dead Sea collection, first impressions

Hello my lovely readers today I'm back with my first impressions on the newly launched Sabon Dead Sea collection. I was present at its official launch and I was most thrilled to see it live and try it at my heart's content. I had written about the Dead Sea collection before and I really liked its sophisticated packaging but I didn't know its scent, consistency, texture and so on..