joi, 11 februarie 2016

Spread the love this Valentine's Day with Sephora's Be Atomic collection

Hello my sweet readers today I'm back, as promised, with the information on the Sephora limited edition Valentine's Day collection. If you planned to spoil yourself and your handsome Valentine you can do no wrong with this pretty lovely collection.

The Sephora Be Atomic collection includes scented bath confetti in the shape of hearts (perfect to heat things up in the bath), lip balm (a pink cutie in the shape of a pretty heart), handwash, bubble bath & shower gel and nourishing velvet cream - all created to pamper the body and seduce the senses.
The most interesting product from this collection, is for me, the Sephora Be Atomic Scented Bath Confetti - Cotton Flower scented (8 dollars/18 ron). Encased in a slim elongated glass tube these pretty pink-red heart shaped confetty are meant to beautify the body and heat the heart. Imagine them floating prettily in the warm bath, like velvety rose petals, relaxing music, a good glass wine by the bath, a perfumed candle glowing with warmth ..
The relaxing ritual continues with the Sephora Be Atomic Bubble Bath & Shower Gel also Cotton Flower scented (15 dollars). The body is relaxed, cleansed and velvety soft.
After the bath, the body can feel even better nourished and pleasantly perfumed with Sephora Be Atomic Nourishing Velvet Cream (18 dollars/46 ron). Also Cotton Flower scented, it prolongues the sensual scent and atmosphere of the bath. A sensual night gown is next...
The lips are not forgotten; after a good exfoliation you can apply the Sephora Be Atomic Lip Balm - all pink, shinny and pretty in the heart shaped box (6 dollars/18 ron). Your lips have never looked and felt better, all smooth, shiny and sensual .. perfect for kissing.
To keep the sensual atmosphere going, you can use the Sephora Be Atomic Hand Wash (9 dollars/23 ron). It cleans effectively and pleasantly perfumes and nourishes the hands.
For all the men who are in search of a pretty Valentine gift for the special ladies in their life, there is the Sephora Be Atomic Love Box (24 dollars/68 ron) - which includes the Sephora Be Atomic Bubble Bath & Shower Gel and the Sephora Be Atomic Hand Wash. It is a gift I am sure will be really appreciated! You can find the entire collection in all Sephora stores and online at

Do everything that you do with love. Show you care for your loved ones, every day, not only at special occasions. The love must be lived and shared every day as if it is the last. This is the most important treasure that we have - the love we give and receive every moment of our lives. So live beautifully and love greatly my sweet readers.
Happy Valentine's Day ! Lots of love,  M

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." Victor Hugo


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