vineri, 5 februarie 2016

Valentine's Day 2016 - Show your love beyond words with Sabon

There is no greater feeling that the one of being in love : being in love with your soulmate, being in love with your parents, or daughters, sons, or any other family members, being in love with your best friends that love you for all that you are, there is a great love we share with our pets and all that surrounds us. Love is indeed everywhere we look, we just have to see it and feel it. And yes, many times we feel a greater love that is indeed beyond words. This is the name of Sabon's Valentine's Day 2016 limited edition collection Love beyond words. A collection that is all about sharing the love with our special ones. Certainly it will make Valentine's Day even more special.
Love beyond words. Countless words for love. Endless love behind the words. Giving is the key word at SABON and it  translates the  love into textures, gift, colors, ribbons and fragrances to share with your loved ones.
Love beyond words Lavender Apple set - Memories of love. A royal pampering of the skin in the unmistakeable  lavender Apple scent. The set contains: Shower Oil, Body Scrub and Body Lotion in fragrances that create unforgettable memories, memories of love. (180 ron/39 pounds)
Hugs & Kisses set - Patchouli Lavender Vanilla (also in Lavender Apple). A must have set in the very loved Patchouli Lavender Vanilla fragrance, that will nourish, protect and soothe your lips & hands. The perfect skin savior with the Butter Hand Cream and Lip Gloss duo. (88 ron/16 pounds)
Soap Trio Gift Set - Almond, Rose and Red Fruits. The Heart shaped soap trio is based on Palm oil and glycerin. It is enriched with Almond and Rosemary oil and comes in 3 delightful fragrances: Almond, Rose and Red Fruits. (15 pounds)
Triple Pleasure Gift Set - a small shower oil collection in three fragrances; Delicate Jasmine, Fresh Lavender Apple and irresistible Patchouli-Lavender Vanilla. The shower oils soothe and hydrate your skin, while filling the air with these exciting fragrances you will fall in love with! (74 ron/17 pounds)
Trio Delightful Gift Set - 3 delightfully scented butter hand creams including Delicate Jasmine, Fresh Lavender Apple and irresistible Patchouli-Lavender Vanilla. Your hands will be even more lovely! (68 ron/19 pounds)
And look at this cutie! An adorable pocket size mirror that's perfect for touch-ups on the go! It is a decorated hand-written engraving pocket mirror that you could easily take along in your business trips, vacations or other journeys. (52 ron/12 pounds)
And last but not least, for the special man in our life : My Valentine Gift Set (Gentleman Man and Gentle set). A timeless collection for him. Experience the rugged, masculine aroma of the Gentlemen line enriched with White Tea oil and Shea butter. This set includes: rich Shower Oil, delicate Shower Scrub, Shampoo & After Shave Cream. (125 ron/30 pounds)
You know I adore Sabon! I have talked many, many times about its wonderful products. And yes, there is no Sabon product I didn't like. Apart from the wonderful scents and luxurious textures there is the packaging .. so gorgeous, it makes every gift un unforgettable experience. It will make your celebration of love even more special. Show your love beyond words with Sabon ! The collection is already available in the stores and online. Until next time,


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