miercuri, 22 aprilie 2015

Focus on ... Ivatherm

I don't think that there are many Romanians who haven't heard of Ivatherm. It is a 100% authentic Romanian brand that has earned its reputation of great quality in products, the latest in research and technology and great service. Their products are well-known both in Romania and abroad and they are based on one of Romania's most valuable and well-known resource : Herculane thermal spring water.
(Herculane thermal water was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans who discovered its therapeutic benefits. The modern Herculane was build in the XIX century by the Austrians and it was kept in the same style even today. Herculane baths is the oldest thermal bath in Europe, first mention in 153 AD by the Romans and renown for its extraordinary effects of the thermal water.

It was established in 102 AD by the Roman emperor Train inspired by the Greeks. The name comes from Hercules the sun of Zeus and the beautiful Alcmena. Hercules is known in the Roman mythology as the protector of the thermal waters, the symbol of power,  an equilibrium between the physical power and his emotional side.)
Ivatherm was established in 2005, after considerable research and thorough clinical studies proved the beneficial effects of thermal spring water on skin. It became the first Romanian dermocosmetics company specialising in the treatment of sensitive skin. The calming and anti-irritant properties of Herculane thermal spring water on the skin have been verified by the careful measurement of histamine levels.
Dermatologists, allergologists and chemistry research scientists all work to develop our efficient and well-tolerated products. Ivatherm dermocosmetic products are original formulas. Ivatherm uses active ingredients from well-controlled qualitative sources.
Ivatherm products are developed and produced in France, the country with the highest level of expertise in the cosmetic industry, Our products contain Herculane thermal spring water and innovative active ingredients which are the latest scientific discoveries in cosmetology. All Ivatherm products are tested for sensitive skin and allergic reactions (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic).
Ivatherm’s goal is to find ideal solutions for every problem skin type, ranging from newborns dry and atopic skin, adolescent greasy and pimpled skin, dry, mature and wrinkled skin of people over 30, to sensitive and cuperosic skin of people over 40, and skin protection for those exposed to the harmful effects of solar radiation. 
“I launched Ivatherm to offer modern and safe products that treat and prevent skin problems... Ivatherm products use Herculane thermal water from the oldest spa resort in Europe. The thermal water is the key ingredient of our unique and highly tolerated products as it has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. Our main concern is how to strike a balance between progress and natural authenticity.” Dr. Rucsandra Hurezeanu, Founder and General Manager of Ivatherm
Herculane thermal spring water:
Herculane thermal spring water comes from Cerna Mountains, a natural thermal saline spring. As it comes from a great depth, it is pure, free of any bacteria, urban or industrial pollution. Herculane thermal spring water contains a balance of mineral salts and essential oligoelements for the skin. Herculane thermal spring water is appropriate for all skin types. Its benefits have been proven even for the most sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin. It has an immediate calming and decongestive effect.
Herculane thermal spring water from Ivatherm products comes from a thermal saline spring and has a medium degree of mineralization (2500 mg/l), ideal for cosmetic products. It contains Al, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mg, essential elements for the skin’s health. Herculane thermal spring water has a calming and anti-irritant effect on skin. Thermal spring water is considered living water – mineralized – with important benefits for life.

So yes, we should be very proud of our contry, our values and our resources and we should learn how to use them wisely and show them off in the best way as they deserve! Ivatherm has earned its place among the best dermato-cosmetic companies in the world and continues to make us proud every day that we are Romanians! They have wonderful products targeted for every skin need and made with the best ingredients and the latest technology and reaserch available! So when you see their products in the stores, check them out - they are worth it - and support a very successful Romanian brand ! Until next time ,


  1. O iubesc pe fondatoarea brandului si iubesc Ivatherm. Si ma bucur ca folosesc un produs romanesc foarte bun. Placere plus eficienta maxima .:)

  2. Da. Trebuie sa fim mandri de valorile noastre si sa le promovam si sa le sustinem.


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