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#Redescopera frumusetea / Rediscover beauty : mother - daughter beauty talk

As a celebration of Color Riche by L’Oréal Paris 30th anniversary, the brand has launched a beautiful challenge :  #Redescopera frumusetea / Rediscover beauty - a trip down the memory lane with our mothers in search of beauty.
What is beauty ? Nowadays people place great importance on the physical aspect, neglecting the beauty of the soul, which is more important, in my opinion. It doesn't matter if you are gorgeous on the outside if you are ugly on the inside. Beauty is temporary and in the end what remains is the inner beauty of the soul.
Beauty was not considered a must in my mother's youth but women who took care of themselves (had beautiful, elegant clothes, used creams and perfumes, had lipstick on and clean, long hair) were admired and revered. That shows the one must take care of himself at all times: beauty does not necessarily mean a perfect face and body; if you take care of your body and face, others will notice.
My mother lived part of her life in the communist era. She told me that women didn't have a definitive beauty regimen, they did it if they had learnt it at home from their mothers. My mother was lucky : her maternal grandmother, a simple peasant lady had very strict rules : never go to bed without washing your face (she did it with water or men's shaving soap) or your face cream (she used perfumed vaseline, which she bought from the pharmacy). She always advised the children to wash their hands when they arrived home and never touch the face.
My mom used both day and night face creams from Apimondia, there was no eye cream in those times; she also used Nivea creme or Pond's (if she could get it from abroad). She often took off her make-up with Doina milk from Farmec (we still have one in the fridge today for emergencies).
Make-up products were scarce then, she had her trusty Ada eye crayons (which I still use to these days, cheap and good) and a lipstick (the famous green one, or others from Russia or Poland if she could get them).
For the hands the ladies used liquid glycerine from Farmec (you can find it in Plafar shops, for me it is still no.1 when I have very dry hands in the winter-time). By the way mom has tried many, many hand creams but she still adores the Farmec one, she claims it is simply the best in hydration! - review soon we are hitting pan on it.
There were no shower gels in those times, soaps were used at bath-time, especially Fa ones. There were no body butters, you could increase your body's hydration by using gycerine-based creams or pharmacy-made ones. Even if there weren't so many beauty products in the old times if you really wanted to take care of yourself you could find a way!
In conclusion, to be beautiful means to love yourself, respect yourself and take care of yourself! If you do, the others will notice it too! Tell me do I look like my mother ?
Tell me What does beauty mean to you and what is the best beauty advice your mother gave you? Until next time,


  1. Hmmm...eu spun ca semamati! :)

  2. da. toata lumea zice asta pana ma vede in poza langa tata :))

  3. Semanati bine :). Cam asta e si povestea cu mama mea. Mi-ai amintit de crema Pond's, o primeam din Germania si ce bucuroase eram! Mona C.

  4. Da, tot ce era in afara era tare de tot pe vremea aia..dar erau si sunt foarte bune si produsele noastre romanesti.


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