luni, 20 aprilie 2015

Blush in a rush? Max Factor Crème Puff Blush to the resque!

All of us women want to look gorgeous, young and fresh all the time, especially when we don't feel so good. It is well known that a good blush with the right texture and colour for your skin works miracles! Combined with a bright lipstick it can make you feel like a million dollars! 
On the other side, if you apply too much blush it can make you appear much older and feel like you are wearing a mask! Well it's time you stop worrying about all these things Max Factor has come to the resque!
Max Factor provides the ultimate answer with its new Crème Puff Blush as its lightweight, baked formula contains finely milled, multi-tonal pigments that blend evenly, enhancing individual skin tones, for a truly natural, polished skin finish. 

                                                                 How this formula works?
Max Factor Crème Puff Blush allows for buildable, bespoke colour giving women the control they need to create their own glamorous transformation. Whether it’s a natural flush or more intense colour contouring, the colour gradually builds up layer by layer: 
Baked formula – features a soft, velvet smooth feel and allows for a lightweight end look. 
Finely milled, multi-tonal pigments - complement and enhance skin tones, while ultra-fine particles blend effortlessly for controllable contouring and buildable natural colour.
 The Max Factor Crème Puff Blush is available in 6 gorgeous blends of colour: 

Lovely Pink
Alluring Rose
Gorgeous Berries
Seductive Pink
Lavish Mauve
Nude Mauve
Lovely Pink
Nude Mauve
Lavish Mauve
Gorgeous Berries
Pat McGrath, Max Factor Global Creative Design Director, comments, “Blush is a must-have product - it’s the fastest way create the illusion of those high model cheekbones we all lust after on the catwalks.”  
After creating the perfect skin canvas using foundation and concealer, she recommends taking excess foundation off the cheeks, before blending the blusher on top. “Using a brush, apply your blush in a circular motion to the prominent features of your face, building the colour across the cheekbones, brow bones, and along the neck. The result is a luxurious, halo-type glow.” says Pat. 
The Max Factor Crème Puff Blush :   
Has multi-tonal pigments that work with your skintone
Is finely milled with a marbled finish
Its controllable formula allows you to build colour as required
It is ultra blendable – no visible blush lines
The recommended price is 65 ron and they are already available in Romania in only four shades unfortunately : Lovely Pink, Nude Mauve, Lavish Mauve and Gorgeous Berries.
I have to admit that I already lust for the Lovely Pink and Gorgeous Berries shades. They look so gorgeous and I'm sure they are just perfect for the summer on top of a slight bronzed face! Love them ! Tell me What shade would you choose ? Until next time ,



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