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Marionnaud Nature melting body butter with ground cherry - review

If you follow my posts you already know how much I love hand creams - I have many in different rooms of the house and hand bags. The same thing applies to body butters, especially in the colder seasons. I have normal skin but often during the winter time my skin effectively tightens and feels very uncomfortable. So I fight back the dryness with body butters, the richer the better.
Today I will share with you my opinion on one I have just finished together with my mother (who has very dry skin and seeing the jar onto the counter wanted to try it .. of course I had to share it with her from then on.. so it's a joint review from mom and me). It is the Marionnaud Nature melting body butter with ground cherry.
This body butter is designed for dry to very dry skin, having a rich and thick texture and a high amount of nutrients. It keeps the skin hydrated up to eight hours, leaving it velvety soft and protected from the external factors.
It contains up to 90 % natural ingredients, the shea butter and glycerin providing the rich moisturization whereas the ground cherry extract protects and repairs the skin from the damaging elements. The body butter is free of parabens, silicons and syntetic dyes.
It contains 200 ml of product. The expiration date is stamped onto the recipient.
It has a thick, rich texture and a slightly sweet smell. The texture melts and is quicky absorbed into the skin, leaving it nourished and soft. I felt the need to re-apply the body butter many, many hours later. I didn't have any reactions to it like itching or reddening of the skin.
You can see the ingredients below :
It can be found in all Marionnaud shops at the price of 70 ron/13 euros.
All in all, Marionnaud Nature melting body butter with ground cherry is a good product for dry to very dry skin (I have normal skin and it worked for me in the winter time; my mother has very dry skin and she used it with me - she liked it a lot, she said it made her skin smooth and hydrated for the entire day). It has up to 90% natural ingredients and no parabens or silicones. I give it the B grade because of the price which I think is a little higher for a body butter. If you need a good body butter for dry skin with natural ingredients give it a go!  Until next time ,


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