vineri, 24 aprilie 2015

My Pandora wishlist - Spring inspiration

I am tired of the chilly grey weather, of rain and wind. I am tired of wearing and layering clothes, I need to wear dresses, colour, sandals, jewellery, fresh springy perfumes, pastels and strong coloured lipsticks!
I have already written a post on Pandora's new Spring collection. I love Pandora jewelry, I would buy them all ! Today I felt like sharing with you my Pandora wishlist inspired by the wonderful Spring ! I love the sunny, warm days, filled with coloured, perfumed flowers, the sweet singing of the birds and the butterflies' feathery wings. I hope I'll inspire you to discover your own Spring inspiration !

                                                Here is my Pandora Spring inspiration wishlist :

For more information or prices you can check Pandora's site.  Tell me What is your Spring inspiration ? Have a wonderful Spring filled with sunny days, gorgeous flowers and joie du vivre ! Until next time ,


  1. Floricica batuta cu pietre este absolut divina. Ar merge perfect pe bratara mea. :))

  2. I know. They are gorgeous all of them! I want them .. but they are soo expensive. So I dream away.. And I buy them one by one :)


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