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Farmec Glycerin Hand Cream - one of the best hand creams I've tried !

Hands are so important for a woman : they nourish and take care of others, they protect, they cherish, they love. They are also very sensitive to external damage from the wind and the extreme temperatures. We need to keep them healthy, strong but also soft and perfumed. They are also tools for seduction and ambasadors for elegance. We treat them at the salons with manis and treatments but also with hand creams and masks.

The hand cream with glycerin from Farmec helps you take care of your hands, prevent dehydration and restore their good looks and smoothness.
It comes in a 150 ml plastic tube and has a valability of 12 months. With a rich content in natural oils and glycerin, the cream hydrates and softens the dehydrated skin of the hands (it is destined, I think, to dry or very dry skin). The formulation with glycerin gives the skin high emolliation and hydration.
Instructions : Once a week, in the evening, apply the cream in a thick layer, put on some cotton gloves and try to sleep with them on during the night. In the morning, the effect on your hands will be spectacular. If regularly used, the Farmec hand cream with glycerin will make your hands beautiful, hydrated, soft and delicate. 
The cream has a thicker, greasier texture with a strong sweet smell that I like. Due to its rich texture the cream takes a little massaging to be absorbed into the skin but after it does, it leaves the hands nourished for many hours and the skin pleasantly perfumed.
I like to use it during the colder seasons when my hands are the most sensitive and more dehydrated. Even with its rich and nourishing texture during the winter I feel the need to reapply it every one hour or less. But it does its job to nourish and protect perfectly. It is hands down my favourite hand cream for the winter. 
I don't like to use it during the hotter seasons due to its thick and greasy texture. In the summer I want my hands hydrated but not covered in a greasy film. I like to use lighter gel-creams for my hands.
You can see the ingredients below :
You can find it in stores and online at the price of aprox. 9 ron/ 2.50 euros.
All in all, the Farmec glycerin hand cream is a very good hand cream for dry to very dry skin, especially in the colder seasons. It nourishes the hands leaving them soft and perfumed for a long time. Therefore I give it the A grade (good quality at a good price) and I recommend you check it out! Tell me What is your favourite hand cream ?  Until next time,


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