marți, 21 aprilie 2015

Nivea Care - the WoW wonder cream

I think you know by now that I have combination skin : oilier on the T-zone and quite dry in the cheek and around the mouth area. It starts to get shiny after around 2 hours and I try to fight it using creams and make-up products especially for my type of skin.
This problem gets worse in the summer time : I simply cannot stand anything onto my face - the face cream feels greasy and the make-up starts to disturb me after a few hours so I use it very sparingly. The only thing I can stand onto the face is water so I go through face sprays with the speed of lightning.
But this doesn't solve my dryness problem; I cannot stay without a face cream and SPF protection.. so it's a struggle to find a very light cream texture that can moisturize and not feel greasy onto the skin.
WoW, I think I may have found the perfect summer cream : the Nivea Care wonder cream !
 It's a cream that promises 100% hydration and 0% greasy feeling onto the skin. It has a intensive hydration formula that is very quickly absorbed into the skin. The formula is based on a patented technology with hydrating crystals dispersed in a cream-gel texture, so the cream can be used onto the face, body and hands. A three-in-one wonder cream ! Just perfect for our fast daily life : it saves both time and money !
In addition to this, the "face" of the Nivea Care cream is the gorgeous Catrinel Menghia, the world famous Romanian international model. A perfect match : a wonder cream for a gorgeous lady!
You can find the Nivea Care cream in stores at the recommended price of 14.3 ron per 100ml and 19.7 ron per 200 ml.
I confess that I am very intrigued about the magical powers of this cream to keep the greasiness away, so it's on my to buy list for the summer. I can't wait to take it out of the fridge, it will be cooling and light and of course smelling the wonderful Nivea smell that I adore .. It will be a pleasure to put in on .. Of course I'll be back with a post on the blog to tell you all about it !  Until next time ,


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