sâmbătă, 4 aprilie 2015

Melkior Blossom Collection Spring 2015 - swatches

Hello lovely ladies, as I posted earlier Melkior has recently launched a new Spring 2015 collection called Blossom Collection. Since I own several eye shadows from them and I like them very much (very pigmented and affordable - 17ron per refill) I thought  I would visit their Afi Palace Mall shop to see the collection up front and personal.

The eye shadows : from left to right - Ethereal - matte , Coral fusion - matte , Air blue - shimmer, Iris - shimmer and Diaphane - shimmer (I simply forgot to photo and swatch one: the matte Vintage Rose, from what I remember it is a very light cold pink shade, almost white and completely matte):
in the store light

As you can see Air blue  and Iris are quite dissapointing, they are lovely colours but I had to put on several layers to get a slight colour onto my hand, they are not so pigmented.
As per usual I filmed a bit the eye shadows in the store (of course without the Vintage Rose eye shadow):
The lipsticks are beautiful in Spring pastel colours, they are not matte and they seem quite hydrating too. From left to right : Ozone, Breeze , Suave  and Soft Touch.
  The nail polishes are in lovely fun, colourful colours, perfect for Spring and Summer!
Of course I couldn't resist and I left with two eye shadows : Ethereal and Diaphane and with a promise to return to buy one lipstick or two or one nail polish or two ... Hm .. Decisions, decisions ..

Anyway I like this collection very much it is fun, colourful and perfect for Spring and Summer ! If you have the time go and check it out in the stores! Until next time,



  1. Actually I have several moving swatches and other very small videos on my channel , I don't know if I'm really Youtube friendly to start talking and all that jazz..


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