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SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel & Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment - first impressions

I received these products for testing a while ago but I just couldn't review them. I have combination to oily skin with excess sebum. I rarely have skin breakouts either due to hormonal changes or to perspiration in the summer time. I always extra cleanse the skin, be careful not to touch the face with my dirty hands and so on. So I very rarely have skin breakouts. Both skin treatments were waiting patiently.. Until some small zits appeared due to hormones. It was time to attack them with the SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel & Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment. Firstly let's find out more about them.

SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel (15 ml - 28 ron). It is an active gel targeted on the spots and is specially formulated for the sensitive and acne-prone skin. This concentrated fresh gel acts in 24h, by purifying the skin, while eliminating and by drying the imperfections and located redness. Its efficient action allows to reduce and to prevent the eventual marks on the skin.
It contains Gluconolactone associated to salicylic acid that reduce the imperfections linked to the inflammation. Formulated with paraben free, AHAs free. Tested on sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Instructions for use : Apply the care locally 2 or several times per day. Avoid the eyes contour. Local care for imperfections.

Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment (30ml - 56 ron). It is formulated to help reduce spots and blackheads on skin with a tendency to develop acne in teenagers and adults. This treatment slows the proliferation of bacteria, cleanses the skin and reduces irritation. Thanks to its dual action on the surface and deep down, a daily application gradually restores the skin's equilibrium, helping it become smoother and clearer.
Concentrated phytosphingosine / Vitamin PP complex:
Slows sebaceous secretion and combats the proliferation of bacteria
Encourages the disappearance of spots and blackheads
Blocks transmission of the inflammatory signal
Carries the active ingredients, allowing them to act:
On the surface, against pathogenic flora
Deep down, at the heart of the sebaceous gland, it regulates sebum production and acts on the lamellar structure of the epidermis
  • Paraben-free
  • Concentrated formula
  • Non comedogenic
  • Applicator tube for targeted action
Instructions for use : Severe acne: apply evenly over the face at night in combination with Crème Matifiante Anti-Imperfections applied in the morning. Can be used occasionally for localised action on the problem areas.

Since I don't have acne or severe skin problems, only a few small zits, I used them locally, only on the specific areas with problems. I used the Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment at night and the SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel in the morning on the cleansed skin (both are transparent and runny with a slight medicinal astringent smell). After two days the zits had almost dissapeared.

Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment
Noreva Actipur Anti-imperfections intensive treatment
SVR Sebiaclear Cicapeel
after. do not mind my sleepy face, it was quite early in the morning :))
As you can see it's not a proper review, I cannot use them regularly, since I don't have severe skin problems that require them. I can only use them locally, on the targeted areas, and quite rarely when I need them. Both products have done their job, making both small zits dissapear after two days of treatment. I cannot say how they perform on severe acne or serious skin problems. The only way to find out if they work for severe skin breakouts is to try them. You can find them both on . Until next time,


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