marți, 24 noiembrie 2015

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara - review

I haven't written a mascara review since summer, before trying lash extensions, my experience here sensual-thick-long-lashes. I wore the lash extensions up to October, when I told them goodbye and started using a new mascara I had for a long time in my stash. It is Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1. Extend, volumise and intensify your eyes with the instant impact wand and fibre extension formula for a striking lash look.
The wand is very special. Called the instant impact wand, it captures, lengthens, volumises and intensifies each lash from root to tip. I liked the wand very much beause it is thin and has short bristles, making it easier to reach every lash, especially those small ones in the inner corner of the eye.
The  wand combs through every lash from root to tip, separating and elongating them, coating them with the carbon black fibre formula containing volumising particles to make the lashes appear thicker, darker and more intense.

In addition to volumising particles, the formula in this mascara contains lash extending carbon-black fibres for thicker, longer and more intense lashes.
It comes in a 12 ml. tube and has a valability of 6 months. The packaging is very sleek and elegant in black with golden touches. The recommended use :
It separated and elongated the lashes well in two layers. It didn't clump the lashes (giving them the spidery look); which I really liked. It defined and framed well the eyes, making them appear wide awake. I didn't have any eye reactions to it and it was very easy to remove with a biphasic eye make-up remover. I didn't notice an increase of volume in my lashes. They looked good, they were well separated and elongated.
You can see the ingredients below : 
You can find it in stores and online at the price of aprox. 70 ron/11 pounds.
All in all, Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 mascara is a good lenghtening and separating mascara. I like my lashes to look defined but still natural and this mascara made them look very good and framed the eyes very well. The price is a little higher for a mascara therefore I give it the B grade. If you are looking for a good mascara, give it a go! Love, M


  1. Nu creeeeed. fix la review pentru aceasta mascara lucrez si eu. Te pup

    1. Da, imi place mult de tot. Zic ca genele mele arata foarte bine. Bafta la recenzie. Kisses.


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