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What has Santa Sephora brought for Christmas 2015 - Sephora edition

This year Sephora has been inspired for its Sephora "Let it snow" Christmas 2015 collection from the never-ending, mysterious and ever-fascinating outer space. The collection shines brightly as the far away stars in the distant corners of the universe, waiting patiently to be discovered. The icy surface of the stars beacon us closer and closer, so cold and so distant and untouchable..
There are many great products to be discovered in stores, gorgeous make-up kits, bath and body care, gift sets of all sizes and prices. It is impossible to go into a Sephora shop and leave empty handed. At least for me. Below is only a small selection of the products you can already find in stores, so go and let yourself be inspired ! Christmas is about receiving but most importantly it's all about giving ! Sharing precious moments with your loved ones and giving the best of you. "Let it snow, let it snow" with Sephora.

Sephora Let it snow Grand Chalet bath set. This gorgeous chalet-shaped kit contains a Bubble Bath & Shower Cream, Velvety Body Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hand Cream and a Hand Warmer, the perfect essentials gifts for the winter season.

Sephora Let it snow Fizzing snow balls. Set of six fizzing snow balls for the bath. Its original snowflake-shaped packaging transforms into a chain of tiny detachable mountains when folded out. A perfect gift for your loved ones !

Sephora Let it snow Hand Wash. Three great reasons to fall in love for this hand wash: it has a limited edition fragrance, a shimmery glacier blue formula and a gorgeous bottle.
Sephora Kiss The Moon Lip Gloss. This universal pink gloss creates gorgeous lips, making them luscious and plump. It comes in a delightful Christmas ball ornament packaging that you can hang from your tree or give to a friend. 
Color Around the World 4 Eye and Face Palettes. Fancy a holiday far far away? Don't worry. With this 4 palettes you can recreate the atmosphere and looks of your favourite dream destination
Paris, New York, Rome and Rio. Each palette contains four eye shadows, one blush, a mirror, and a tutorial with tips and tricks to help you achieve the desired look.
Color Wishes 5 Eyeshadow Palettes. A set of five matchbook-size, color-coordinated eye shadow palettes to create five easy-to-wear looks. Choose from natural and bold colors and matte or pearl finishes with these five mini makeup palettes. Each features two color-coordinated eye shadows with pearl and matte finishes to personalize your makeup look.
The cutest penguin of them all The Galactic Penguin has come to Sephora for a good cause. All the money raised from selling this mascot will go to an organization that supports the education of girls in poor countries in the world.
There are many more interesting temptations in Sephora, all you have to do is step boldly into the store and discover them all. Enjoy the Sephora Christmas collection 2015 with its magic and misterious cosmic universe. I have already some products in the wishlist to gift my loved ones. Tell me Have you seen this collection in the store ? What are your favourites ? Until next time ,


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