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Celebrate Christmas with Yves Rocher every year

Christmas has come earlier this year for me. I have had the pleasure of seeing today the Christmas limited collections from Yves Rocher. What can I say ? I want them all! They smell wonderful and look great! You know there is always a scent that immediately puts you in a good mood and makes you feel festive. This year it's all about Yves Rocher. You can easily gift your loved ones or even pamper yourself a little early with Yves Rocher.
the Yves Rocher Xmas tree
Let's see what all the fuss is about: Yves Rocher Christmas 2015 collection is all about the holiday mood. The sweet, warm, cinnamony scents that make you feel comfortable and get you in the party mood. There are three different scents to this collection : Candied Orange and Almond, Spicy Vanilla (my very favourite) and Candied Orange and Cinnamon. And they smell divine!!!!
You cannot escape their powerful charm. Once you have stepped into the store and smelled them, you're hooked! They all smell wonderful and I wanted to take all home with me! All the ranges contain : shower gel, liquid soap, lip balm , hand cream, body lotion, bath oil and bubble bath oil. As you can see it covers all the bases. You are bound to feel pampered and loved with a gift like that!
Yves Rocher is Santa's right hand brand by offering a large variety of gift sets and ideas with products from this limited edition Christmas collection and the permanent products for all prices and in all sizes. They are already packaged in beautiful boxes, ready to be given to the loved ones.
I have also discovered three hidden limited edition make-up gems : one highlighting face powder and two eyshadow palettes. They are all gorgeous and well pigmented. Each one is priced at aprox. 50 ron. 
I hope I convinced you to go and check out this collection in the stores! I am sure you will fall in love with the products as I have! I leave you with a live video I made in the store.
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