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Today's post is dedicated to whose many products I discovered at the launch event of its newest products and ranges. I had written about the SVR  and some of its products before : SVR Spirialsvr-spirial-anti-perspirant-deodorant-roll-onsvr-hydraliane  and svr-hydraliane-bb-in-light. The majority of the products you can find on this site are specific products designed for various skin problems such as acnee, psoriazis, head lice, burns and many more.

I am very glad to know that if I encounter a specific skin problem I can certainly find a solution at Of course for very specific skin problems it is recommended to ask specialized help therefore go to see the dermatologist!

Since there were too many interesting ranges of products too see, I decided it is easier to film so I put all the wonderful ladies there through an oral examination. I asked many questions about the ranges and products for you to know more about them and what they do. The videos are in Romanian, I didn't want to stress the lovely ladies even more by asking them to speak in English. I hope they are useful to you (the audio is weaker from time to time due to the loud music in the background).

Noreva ranges : Sedax (insect bites), Actipur (seborrheic skin), Noveane (anti-aging, 35-45 years old), Aquareva (hydration for normal skin), Sensidiane (sensitive, couperose skin), Iklen (depigmentation of the skin), Exfoliac (severe acnee skin, folliculitis), Xerodiane (post-treatments with dermatocorticoids), Psoriane (skin with psoriazis).
SVR ranges : Sebiaclear (oily, acnee skin), Hydraline (hydration), Physiopure (cleanses and hydrates the skin), Hegor (hair care - oily, seborrheic, irritated scalp, head lice - over 3 years old, psoriazis), Item (anti-dandruff).
Asepta, CoupdEclat (anti-aging intensive treatments), Ecrinal (nail care and nail polishes), Akleine (feet care, anti-perspirants, heavy feet, diabetic foot) ranges.
PiLeje ranges (dietary  supplements) : Lactibiane (probiotics), Bien enfant (children); Porphyral hsp derm cream (burns and strong lesions of the skin).
Saint Gervais Mont Blanc - more about the range here : saint-gervais-mont-blanc.
Rivadouce range - bath and body care (women, men and children).
As you can see there are many interesting dermatocosmetics, face and body care, products for women, men and children, dietary  supplements, specific treatments and many more. I hope I have piqued your interest so if you want to find out more check out the site Until next time ,


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