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Gerovital H3 Derma+ Sunscreen Milk SPF 30 and After Sun Repair Gel - review

I have spent these past five days at the seaside. And what better oportunity than to test some of Gerovital's H3 Derma+ sunscreen products! I used them every day of my stay and now I'm ready to share with you my thoughts on them!

Gerovital H3 Derma+ Sunscreen Milk SPF 30 :

The milk is an excellent means to protect skin from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet radiations: premature aging, excessive dehydration, wrinkles, pigmentation spots and can be successfully used for the prevention of solar intolerances, photodermatoses. Hypoallergenic. For sensitive skin. The milk has a light and pleasant, non-greasy, water-resistant texture. Contains no oxybenzone (200ml).

The natural Inca omega eco-certified oil, rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, restores the integrity of the protective lipid layer, normalizes the keratinization process, improves the degree of hydration. Vitamin E from its composition has moisturising effects, improves skin appearance and improves the oxygen exchange in the tissues. Respects the EU recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA / UVB radiations.
Directions for use : Products with sun protection factor (SPF) are chosen based on the type of skin. Apply the product evenly on the dry and clean skin 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Reapply frequently (especially after showering, sweating, swimming and wiping with a towel) even if the time is cloudy.
  • Do not expose nurslings and infants to sunlight.
  • Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. Do not stay very long in the sun even if you are using a solar protection product; overexposure is a serious threat to the health.
  • Use clothing protection (hat, sunglasses, T-shirt). In order to obtain the protection indicated by the SPF, apply 2 mg /cm², that is approx. 36 grams (6 full teaspoons) for the body of an adult. Caution: reducing the quantity will lower the level of protection significantly.
I liked its milky texture and the protection it gave to my skin (I didn't experience any skin allergies to the sun or burns). It has a runny texture and a specific smell that all sunscreen products have.

What I didn't like was that it didn't absorb rapidly into the skin. Besides the good protection and moisturization, I really love a product that absorbs rapidly into the skin. The product took quite a long time to massage into the skin (even if I used a small quantity - this way the protection is not enough).

 The cap opens by pushing one side and the product is released through the other side. Unfortunately this cap is not travel friendly; it leaked into my bag (fortunately I always put my liquids into plastic containers, only the container and the other products got wet).

 You can find it in stores at the price of aprox. 40.18 ron /9.13 euros. 
 Taking all of these into consideration I give it the C grade (not the cheapeast, it doesn't absorb fast into the skin, not very travel-friendly).

Gerovital H3 Derma+ After Sun Repair Gel :

It is especially designed to renew the barrier function of dehydrated skin due to UV radiations aggression. Face and body use. Hypoallergenic. Decongests and soothes. Contains no oxybenzone. (150ml, valability 6 months).
The content of natural eco-certified Inca omega oil, rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids restores the integrity of the protective hydrolipid layer, normalizes the water content of dehydrated skin, deeply regenerates skin. The eco-certified extract Zanthalene®, obtained from the fruits of Sichuan pepper, soothes burns and quickly diminishes any discomfort. E vitamin ensures anti-oxidative protection against free radicals.  
Directions for use : Apply after sun exposure on the clean and dry skin, massaging gently until absorbed into the skin. 

It has a slightly sweet smell and a runny texture. It feels lightweight onto the skin and it absorbs rapidly. My skin felt moisturized and comfortable after using it. I didn't have any skin reactions to it. 

Ingredients : 
You can find it in stores at the price of aprox. 19.34 ron/ 4.40 euros.  
In conclusion,  I give the Gerovital H3 Derma+ After Sun Repair Gel the B grade (good moisturiser, it calms the skin down, fast absorbing, affordable price; the downside : the perfume in the ingredient list is potentially irritating to the skin). Until next time ,


  1. .ro si scrie in engleza. :)) Poate-poate va baga google-ul mai multi bani in cont... succes!

  2. 1. nu inteleg ce legatura are cu topicul discutat in postare.
    2. pe blogul meu scriu in ce limba doresc. Dati click pe steluta din dreapta sus daca nu va place.
    3. Daca imi dati dvs banii imi fac domeniu .com si maine.
    Mult succes in continuare!

  3. Very nice and extremely useful all the info about sun protects. At the beginning of ur review I was about to try the products, i personally like gerovital, but my skin totally rejects the perfume and i do not especially like taking too long to massage it. What do u think about garnier? I've been using them for the last 9 years and they make good friends. I also use as a daily base bioderma 50+ for face. Excellent. I cant wait 4 ur reply. Lots of thanks 4 ur jon here. It helps a lot. Kisses

    1. Yes, I am not happy with the perfume (potentially allergen and irritant) in products designed especially for calming the irritated skin; this is one of the reasons for decreasing the grade. I don't know what to tell you about Garnier sunscreen products, I haven't tried them. If you get along well with the brand, chances are their sunscreen products will work for you, try them and let me know! The choice of Bioderma for the face is excellent, they have great quality products especially designed for specific needs of the skin. Lots of kisses!

  4. :)))...tot este un real succes faptul ca .ro a reusit sa o faca vizibila in fata domniei voastre :). Si cine stie...poate-poate :)). De ce nu incearca si domnia voastra? Caci...poate-poate :))). Toate cele bune.

  5. E usor sa ne dam cu părerea si sa fim ironici ... Poate poate ne afirmăm. Ce este greu e sa ai experiență si sa stii ce vorbesti. Nu pricep ce relevanta are .ro sau .com ... Cine vrea si stie sa aprecieze, o face. Cine este ahtiat sa verse venin, la fel. �� felicitările mele blogger-ului care cu eleganta stie sa prezinte lucruri noi si utile in fiecare zi!

    1. Mutumesc frumos pt cuvintele frumoase. Este usor sa arunci cu noroi si greu sa spui cuvinte frumoase in zilele noastre..

  6. Totally agree. Asa se manifesta "bunatatea" unor sufletele plictisite, plictisibile si plictisitoare. Noi apreciem calitatea acestui blog si te felicitam draga Monica. Asteptam cu mare interes postarile tale care ne ajuta sa facem alegerile corecte si sa aflam "secretele" frumusetii interioare si exterioare. Multumim

    1. Multumesc frumos pentru incurajari, ma bucur ca informatiile pe care le dau sunt folositoare. Pupici!


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