joi, 20 august 2015

Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Fragrance Free - review

The subject of this post is a cleanser I love and I will definitely buy again! I am very close to finishing it so I feel quite sad. But I have other cleansers in queue waiting to be tried so this one has to wait a while before I can buy it again. It is Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Fragrance Free.
Many cleansers are not appropriate for dry, sensitive skin, because they contain ingredients that can irritate. The Solution? Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, a gentle, non-irritating way of cleansing sensitive facial skin.
  • Creates a moisture-rich lather that leaves skin feeling soft and clean.
  • Rinses away easily, leaving your skin refreshed and free of soapy residue.
  • Is soap-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (won't clog pores).
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Rich-Foaming Lather
  • Rinses Clean
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Dermatological Skincare
Instructions for use : Wet area to be washed. Dispense a generous amount of cleanser and gently massage over skin. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry with a towel. 
It comes in a 237 ml (8 fl oz) plastic recipient with a pump (very hygienic and travel-friendly). It has a thicker texture and no smell. I only need a pea amount to wash my face (the second cleanse). With water it lathers and gently cleans the skin. I love it! It leaves my skin squeaky clean and refreshed.
It is the best cleanser I have tried so far. I felt the difference this hot summer when I tried other cleanser and my skin didn't feel this clean and good. I didn't have any skin discomforts from it (I love the fact that it has no scent), even if I got it in my eyes by mistake.
Ingredients :
I don't know for sure if you can find it in our pharmacies (let me know if you see it), I bought it from Iherb at the price of aprox. 30 ron.
All in all, Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Fragrance Free is an excellent cleanser. It is gentle yet efficient. My skin feels cleansed and refreshed after using it. You need only a small amount for each use so it's quite long-lasting and money-saving. I love it, therefore I give it the A grade ! If you see it in stores give it a go ! Until next time ,


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