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Ivatherm Aquafil Light Mild Cleansing Milk for face and eyes - review

I have finished this make-up remover for about two weeks and now I have finally found the time to write my thoughts on it. It is Ivatherm Aquafil Light Mild Cleansing Milk for face and eyes.
Ivatherm Aquafil Light Mild Cleansing Milk for face and eyes : for normal or mixed sensitive skin. It gently removes the make-up and impurities from the surface of the skin. The milk, especially designed for normal or mixed sensitive skin, has anti-inflamatory and hydrating properties. It helps with the elimination of toxins and improves the skin's breathing process. It has a light, fine texture and a gentle cleansing effect.
It contains Aquaxyl; it has a hydrating action by balancing the skin's hydrating process. By limiting the water loss and the optimisation of the water supply in the skin, it becomes elastic, fine and suple.
It also contains Calmiskin; rich in flavonoids, it reduces skin inflamation and improves the comfort of the skin.
Herculane's thermal water has proven anti-inflamatory properties, it is often recommend for sensitive, reactive skin. It calms the skin and has an anti-irritant effect.
No parabens. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.
Directions for use : Apply to face, eyes and neck, gently massaging with cotton pad. Well tolarated by the sensitive eye area.
I liked very much the idea that I could use a single product for both my face and eyes. It is time-saving and travel-friendly! It has indeed a very light, quite runny texture that I like. It is very easy to work with. It has a very pleasant, fresh discrete smell. For the face, I adore it! It gently cleansed the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed.
Unfortunately for the eyes I didn't like it at all! It irritated my eyes quite badly! It probably has an ingredient that doesn't suit my sensitive eyes. I have tried several times to cleanse my eyes with it, thinking it was an unfortunate occasion. But no! Every time I used it on my eyes they were stinging very badly! I gave up and used it only on my face where I didn't feel any discomfort and didn't have any skin reaction.
It can be found in stores or online at the price of aprox. 50 ron.
All in all, Ivatherm Aquafil Light Mild Cleansing Milk for face and eyes has created in me two mixed reactions : I love it for the face, I hate it for the eyes! Unfortunately it is designed for face and eyes; for normal or mixed sensitive skin. It should have a gentle cleansing effect and anti-inflamatory properties. It didn't work that well on my eyes therefore I give it the C grade (for the strong irritation it caused my eyes every time I used it). Until next time ,


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