sâmbătă, 8 august 2015

Farmec intense heat survival kit - the sollution for any hot day

These days are hard to bear. The heat is scorching and never ending. We have to hydrate, protect ourselves from the sun and hope for a better weather. Farmec has come to our help and has devised an intense heat survival kit - the essentials for a hot summer day.
The kit contains an energizing shower gel to boost our wellbeing and energy level, an efficient antiperspirant deodorant, a deodorizing moisturizing foot cream to also care for our abused feet, an intense moisturizing shampoo to regenerate our weakend hair and the highly important suncreen protection against the sun. Let's find out more about the products in the kit:

Farmec Energizing Shower Gel with the elasto-stimulating complex ensures hydration and elasticity of the skin, leaving it smooth and pleasant to touch. The gel improves the appearance and sensorial feeling of the skin. It contains eco-certified pomegranate extract and an elasto-stimulating complex. Paraben free.
Antiperspirant deodorant Gerovital H3 - prof. dr. Ana Aslan antiperspirant deodorants have been designed with gentle, emulsion-type formulation, caring for both the delicate underarm skin by offering long-lasting protection against unpleasant sweating odours, and for clothes materials, leaving no white or yellow traces.
Gerovital Happiness deodorizing moisturizing foot cream - this invigorating foot cream contains active ingredients with deodorizing action, as well as Pantenol and Apricot extract for a deep moisturizing effect and Ginger extract, which has decongesting and relaxing properties.
Farmec Argan plus jojoba shampoo - the shampoo cleanses, protects and restores the brightness of the hair strands from the roots to the ends. The natural Argan oil, with a high content of omega-6, omega-9, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins, repairs the damaged hair, moisturizes dry and brittle hair, prevents the split ends and scalp dryness. The oil extracted from the Jojoba fruit has an emollient and nourishing effect over the hair and restores the scalp natural balance.
Farmec Sunscreen fluid SPF 20 - the lotion provides a medium protection against the harmful effects of the UV radiations: burns, advanced dehydration, pigment spots, premature skin aging, etc. Contains sunscreen and natural emollients that protect and regenerate.  
The natural Inca omega eco-certified oil, rich in omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids and natural tocopherols, protects against the destructive action of the free radicals formed under the influence of sunlight, protects the DNA and the cell membranes, revitalises the skin. It has a light lotion-type formula, easy to apply and spread on the skin, pleasant, water-resistant. Contains no preservatives, paraffin oil and oxybenzone.
You can find them all in stores or in Farmec's online shop - farmec.ro . Until next time ,



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