sâmbătă, 1 august 2015

Be yellow, happy and bright with Melkior

I love summer! I am an optimistic person, I like the bright sunshine, the fun colours and the heat with moderation! I love to enjoy the warm sun on my face and the fresh breeze in my hair. I feel happy and care-free!
This summer bright, bold colours are so IN and Melkior wants to bring the summer closer with its yellow collection. Be yellow and have fun, they say!
    The collection contains :

Sun Flower eyeshadow - very pigmented, high coverage. It is easy to apply and long-lasting. (29 ron)
Swatches here : 
in sunlight
in normal light
Pineapple nail polish - a bright, fun colour to make your day better. If you wear it you will be the centre of attention for sure! (29 ron)
The stainless steel tweezers from Melkior - long-lasting, it doesn't become blunt and it is very precise. It can also work for very thin or small hairs because it grips them from the roots. (25.90 ron)
Yellow two faces nail file - it is ideal for shortening natural nails. It is thin, easy to use and precise. Its roughness is 180/240. (6.90 ron)
Personally I love that the brands are bolder with the packaging and the products! I love bright colours, they always make me feel better! And it is so fun when you use them! If you like them, check them out in all Melkior stores and online! Until next time ,


  1. Just gorgeous :). Have u tried the sunflower eyeshadow? I'd really, really like to wear it this summer. I was wondering if u have any pictures with the shadow on. Thanks so very much...u just made my day :*. Fantastic colour for me. Pls dont forget about the pictures. Lots of yellowish kisses

    1. I went to the shop and did some swatches to the eyeshadow. I'll update this post with the photos. Kisses!


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