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Gerovital Happiness CC Cream Light - review

This summer, when the temperatures were not sky high and I could use make-up, I wore only this CC cream as a base. I couldn't stand my normal foundations. So I had plenty of time to test this CC cream and now it's time I tell you my thoughts on it : it is  Gerovital Happiness CC Cream in Light
The “Color Control” (CC) Gerovital Cream is the new generation of BB creams, a single formula which gives the skin a perfectly natural look, by combining effective active ingredients with natural pigments. The invigorating and moisturizing effect of the Raspberry extract is complemented by Aquaxyl (Improves the skin’s barrier function. It has a hydrating action by balancing the skin's hydrating process. By limiting the water loss and the optimisation of the water supply in the skin, it becomes elastic, fine and suple). No parabens. It contains hypoallergenic perfume.
Directions for use : Apply an even layer on your face, neck and décolletage. Apply a second layer for enhanced coverage.
It comes in a 50ml. plastic tube (it will last you a long time) and has a valability of 24 months. I have written about the Happiness range before and the products are divided into three ranges : the Raspberry extract products are for normal skin, the Apricot extract products are for dry skin and the Blueberry extract products are for oily/combination skin.
According to this I must use the CC cream with Blueberry extract, unfortunately it is Dark, therefore it doesn't match my skin (the CC cream with Apricot extract is Medium and the CC cream with Apricot extract is Light). So I had the Gerovital Happiness CC Cream Light with Raspberry extract.
The texture is not runny, is quite thick, which I like. It has a light coverage enough to unify the skin's colour and make it look better. If you need more coverage, they say to add another layer. It doesn't look good; add more coverage with the concealer and keep one layer on. It is easy to work with and blend and it has a pleasant, sweet Raspberry scent I like.
It has a hypoallergenic perfume, they say, so keep in mind if you have sensitive skin. It didn't cause me any skin reactions like itching or reddening. I don't think it has any SPF protection, on the product it doesn't say; I searched the producer's site and it doesn't say it either. Therefore use a high protection sunscreen before this CC cream to be on the safe side.
It can be found in the stores and online at the price of aprox. 17 ron/ 5 euros.
All in all, Gerovital Happiness CC Cream Light is a light coverage daily CC cream. Used with powder on top it lasts around 8 hours on my combination skin. I don't like the lack of SPF protection and the perfume in the ingredient list. It can be found easily and it has a good price for its 50 ml. quantity. Therefore I give it the B grade. Tell me Have you tried it ? What are your impressions ? Until next time ,



  1. I didn't try it, but I'm looking forward to. Great review, kisses

    Tell me your favourite TV shows here: http://beau-typhoon.blogspot.ro/2015/08/online-favorites-favorite-online-august.html

    1. It is a good quality CC cream for its price point. It is worth trying. Kisses!

  2. Hello.
    Does the cc cream oxidize?
    Whats your shade in mac foundation? (for reference).

    1. Hi, it doesn't oxidize at least on me. In Mac foundations I am an aprox. NC20.


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