vineri, 14 august 2015

Webstock 2015 - the social media's biggest event

My blog has turned 10 months this August. I love to present to you my lovely readers the latest news and releases in the beauty universe, to share with you my thoughts on the products, services and gadgets I try, to share with you ideas and thoughts. I love it! When I write time passes by so quickly! I forget everything else but this fascinating universe of beauty. I know I have a lot to learn to improve my blog therefore I am very excited to participate at events where I can hear stories of success and be inspired by others who are more experienced and successful than me. One of the events I'm looking for is Webstock.
Webstock is the largest social media event, where the who's who in online media gathers to share ideas and stories of success. The event has started initially as an event for bloggers to gather, to change ideas and information and to socialize. It soon grew into a larger than life event where all bloggers from all domains participate, together with social media agencies and brands and much more. If you want to find out more about Webstock you can check their website  and the official Facebook page.
The event also houses the Webstock Awards - which awards the most interesting and original online projects and campaigns from 2015. Prizes will be awarded in  many different categories such as : Publishing, Utility, Best Use of Photography, Blogging Campaigns, Special Projects, Facebook Applications, Mobile Applications, Corporate Blogs, Innovation, Best Brand on Instagram, Best Use of Video in Online, Online Personality of the Year (the public votes online for this category the person with the highest online and social media impact and influence in Romania). You can write a prpposition for the Online Personality of the Year by filling the form in the link : Online Personality of the Year .
Webstock 2015 will take place on the 2nd of October 2015 at JW Marriott Grand Hotel. If you want to participate you can register here : .
I am happy to announce you that this year I am an official blogger at this event and I will share with you all the interesting stories and information from the event. I am excited to participate at an event of this size and to learn from the best! I am intrigued and interested to hear useful information, to meet and change ideas and stories with fellow bloggers and other social media partners. It's a new and fascinating universe to explore! If you want to be part of the largest social media event come to Webstock 2015 !
Webstock 2015 is organized by Evensys and Vodafone Romania.   Until next time ,


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