luni, 24 august 2015

Pandora Autumn 2015 collection - Sneak Peek

You know I love Pandora. All the bracelets, charms and other bits of jewelry are very delicately made with great care and attention to detail. They are gorgeous and totally customizable for each person and each story. It is a matter of days until the newest collection will arrive in the stores : Pandora Autumn 2015 collection. To help you decide what to put on the wishlist I present you a quick peek at it.
The collection draws its inspiration from the magic kingdon of majestic feathers, the freedom of flight, to imagine and fulfill your dreams, the freeedom of expressing your feelings. I want all the pieces from the collection, just look at them:
All the pieces are so well made with great attention to each fine detail :
I love the feathered charms, rings and necklaces, and the heart shaped charms. They are lovely to wear and gift to a very special person. Tell me What are your favourites from the new collection ? Until next time ,


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