joi, 27 august 2015

Perfect couple : Astor Style Lip Lacquer Matte (From Paris With Style) and Marionnaud Nail Colour (Pink Bourgeoisie) - review

Today I am starting a new type of post on the blog : Perfect Couple ; products or tools that go well with each other. Of course they are not perfect pairs but if you want to match products together, this post will be of help to you. Of course I will also review them as well. The stars of this post are : Astor Style Lip Lacquer Matte (From Paris With Style) and Marionnaud Nail Colour (Pink Bourgeoisie).
I used them before but I didn't think about matching them until today, when I decided to wear the lipstick. It matched very well with the nail polish and this gave me the idea for this post. Let's find out more about each of them :

Astor Style Lip Lacquer Matte (my shade is From Paris With Style) :
Style Lip Lacquer offers an incredible lip experience: intense, smooth color; superb lip-conditioning comfort; and a stylish matte lacquer finish. It’s everything well-dressed lips could desire!
  • rich velvet matte finish
  • comfortable formula gives full color coverage
  • creamy, mousse-like & hydrating texture
  • no feathering, no bleeding
  • non-sticky 
Style Lip Lacquer Matte moisturizes your Lips with stylish matte shades to create ultra-chic, super-comfortable lip-looks for every occasion. It’s the perfect way to intensify your personal style, so you always look and feel your confident best.
It is very pigmented and light onto the lips. It doesn't feel stiky and it is quite long-lasting around 5 hours on me if I don't eat or drink. It fades but still leaves a slight stain onto the lips. It is very easy to remove with a micellar water or a biphasic make-up remover.
It can be found easily in the shops at the price of aprox. 20 to 30 ron.

 Marionnaud Nail Colour (Pink Bourgeoisie) :
It was part of the Autumn/Winter collection for 2012-2013 named Sweet Romance. It has 5 ml. and a slightly thicker brush which makes the application very easy.
I also own the other three nail polishes from the collection : Vintage Blue, Delicate Rose and My Green Empire. I will be back with impressions on them too.
It is a good quality nail polish. It is easy to apply due to the brush and it dries quite easily. It lasts decently on me around 4 to 5 days before chipping. It can no longer be found in Marionnaud but the newly packaged nail polishes can be found and they are better than this ones! So go and check them out!
This is my perfect couple, I think they go quite well together. You can match them or wear them separately as you wish. I will be back with a new Perfect Couple post soon. Until next time ,


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