luni, 25 ianuarie 2016

Sabon Dead Sea collection, first impressions

Hello my lovely readers today I'm back with my first impressions on the newly launched Sabon Dead Sea collection. I was present at its official launch and I was most thrilled to see it live and try it at my heart's content. I had written about the Dead Sea collection before and I really liked its sophisticated packaging but I didn't know its scent, consistency, texture and so on..
The first product I tried and the one I fell most in love was the Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream. It has a very thick, kind of rich, slightly oily consistency that I adore in the winter time. I came from the cold outside after walking for 15 minutes in the biting cold and my hands were very happy to sample the cream. It was by magic instantly absorbed into the skin. I really adore both its unisex, simple yet elegant packaging and its very spicy, wooden, slightly masculine scent. I am sure both a man and a woman could wear happily this scent.
The Dead Sea Body Scrub has the same consistency and feel as the other body scrubs by Sabon. The fragrant salts come in the oily liquid and you have to mix them together than use it. After rubbing the skin with it, it can be removed and the skin is very soft, silky and inviting, pleasantly scented with the unique scent of the Dead Sea collection. The body scrubs by Sabon are not for the fainted hearted, the salts are quite coarse and the exfoliation is quite powerful. But I adore the body scrubs (I have two at home and one face scrub), my skin is fine and smooth and perfumed.
I also really liked the Dead Sea Moisturizing Face Cream, it is a perfect face cream in the winter time due to its rich, nourishing, thicker texture. It is absorbed into the skin like a dream keeping it moisturized and happy.
From what I have seen both the Dead Sea Shower Oil and the Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion have the normal textures and consistencies as all Sabon shower oils and body lotions. I will definitely be back with in depth reviews on some of the products in this collection after I have played with them a bit.

And I have another great news : tomorrow is Royal Passport Day 40% off store and site wide. Yayyy!!! If you are interested to try something from this collection or other Sabon products tomorrow is the perfect time for a little Sabon shopping spree!
You know by now, if you read my blog, that Sabon is one of my most beloved brands. I adore its stores with its old school, special setting; the fabulously perfumed products inviting us to sin and of course the gorgeous elegant and stylish packaging. To gift Sabon is a declaration of love! Until next time,


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