marți, 12 ianuarie 2016

Longing for the summer - Ming Shu Fleur de l'Aube

Today's post in a trip in the past, the perfume it features is one of the oldies and goodies (it's no longer available, maybe on Ebay). It is a perfume I own for many years, I use it sparingly since I love it very much and I am trying to keep it with me a little longer. It is Yves Rocher Ming Shu Fleur de l'Aube. When I wear it I feel the summer breeze, the sunshine, I feel free and happy, feminine and elegant, ready to take on the world.

Ming Shu Fleur de l'AubeEau de Parfum is a new variation on Yves Rocher's Ming Shu fragrance. It is considered to be an Aquatic Floral and features marine notes, pepper, nymphea stellata, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and vanilla. The top notes are peach and sea notes; the middle notes are water lily and lotus and the base notes are cedar, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. An interesting combination, don't you think ?
The perfume opens with a marine note (oh the clear, blue water of the sea, reflecting the bright sunshine..) spreading its pleasant brize all around us. Then the flower of Ming Shu creates a sensual mood blending itself well with the ylang-ylang to created a floral harmony. The vanilla note at the end, with its sweet and mysterious santal-like scent delicately caress the senses..
The perfume is very fresh and light and also floral. It's an interesting combination I love. The  Nymphéa Stellata flower also adds to the individuality of the scent with its discrete, sweet and pure scent. It is a feminine, discrete, lady-like perfume that gradually makes you fall in love with its elegance and discretion. I also adore the simple but elegant bottle with its again discrete flower at the bottom. The old school dropper it very special; this looks perfect for a private collection or any lady's make-up table.
I love my Ming Shu Fleur de l'Aube; I get a very special feeling when I'm wearing it - it's a statement perfume for me. You can be feminine, seductive and elegant with the right accessories, in this case this perfume. Its discretion is a perfect example of the saying "Less is more"; you can seduce with the right perfume, or lipstick shade, or the right attitude. It's not about the clothes or lack of, or even about the full face make-up. It's about the confidence and atittude; the rest are accessories. Oh but what important they are ...


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