vineri, 8 ianuarie 2016

Pink Sparkle make-up look

Hello my sweet readers I'm back today with a new make-up look; I took advantage of this great winter sunny day, after days and days of bad weather. Today I felt in the mood for a touch of glamour so I decided to wear one of my newest glitter pigments on my stash MustaeV Color Powder in Starlight Pink and create my make-up look around it.

I have thought about showing you some of my daily make-up looks and the products I use for a long time and it has proved difficult for me so far since I often don't have time to photo the products and the make-up look. But I'll try my best ; I want to show you the products in the make-up look, on the face not only in swatches, writing about them. So I'm back again with a make-up look, this time it's the Pink Sparkle make-up look (I love my pinks! they put me in a good mood).
I started my make-up look from the MustaeV Color Powder Starlight in Pink glitter pigment I wanted to wear. Therefore I kept the lips and cheeks discrete to better showcase the eyes. I started with a face cleanse using a micellar water, then applied a cream to moisturize the face. After letting it be absorbed into the skin I applied around one full pump of Inglot HD Perfect Coverup foundation (review soon), mixed with MustaeV lustruous cream base, onto the face with my Sigma kabuki brush, blending it well onto the face and neck.
I followed with the Clinique concealer, covering my dark circles, then I set both the concealer and foundation with the Melkior Loose Powder (Natural; I have just started using it, the last one the Paese bamboo powder is finished). If I set the liquid/creamy products with powder they will last all day onto the skin together with the make-up.
Then I moved to the eyes, I applied a good base Make Up For Ever Eye Prime (great primer, keeps the eyeshadows on all day). Next I applied the MustaeV Dazzle Pink mono eyeshadow as a base and over it the  MustaeV Color Powder in Starlight Pink (just a  gorgeous eye pigment, the star of this make-up look). In the crease I applied MustaeV Blooming Peach mono eyeshadow (new in my stash review soon).
I applied mascara on both top and bottom lashes - Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara/Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus Full Treatment Formula (one of my very favourites). I also filled my small gaps in the brows with my love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown.
in a different light
I applied the MustaeV Cheeky Chic blush in Floral Glow onto the cheeks, also new in my stash (I really believe that a good blush suitable for your skin and hair color works wonders! It revives a tired complexion, makes you look good even if you are sick and makes you look younger and fresh if applied sparingly for a natural effect).
in a different light
On the lips I kept a neutral look, with MUSTAEV TEN SHADE LIP CREAM PRO PALETTE, the shade 5 on my post Coral (on the MustaeV site). Over it I applied the MustaeV Glazing Lip Gloss in Golden Peach for a sensual, glossy look.

I hope you like the make-up look. If you have questions related to the products I used in the make-up look, don't hesitate to ask! I would love to hear your comments, ideas, proposals. Keep them coming ! Until next time ,


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