luni, 11 ianuarie 2016

Pamper yourself at home with Sabon Dead Sea collection

You know I am a Sabon fanatic. I adore their shower oils, their body creams, the perfumes, I didn't meet a product I didn't like yet. And the packaging is gorgeous, elegant, antique, old school, timeless. Perfect for pampering yourself or gift your loved ones.

Today I have great news for you : Sabon has just launched its newest collection : Dead Sea to help you achieve a perfect, beautiful skin. The collection is inspired by the gorgeous desert scenery and healing properties of the Dead Sea. Its main ingredients are Dead Sea water, salt, black mud and plants from the surrounding areas.
The collection includes : 
Dead Sea Body Scrub (200 ml - 95 ron/40 dollars) - This Dead Sea Salt scrub leaves the skin smooth and glowing; it contains a formula for calming, moisturizing and supporting skin elasticity. The scrub is infused with Desert Palm Oil and a unique blend of Judean Desert plants to protect the skin against environmental damage.
Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion (200 ml - 82 ron/30 dollars) - A quick-absorbing gentle emulsion rich in Dead Sea minerals that soften and protect the skin. The body lotion contains a complex blend of oils to stimulate cell renewal and aid in keeping the skin moisturized.
Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream (50 ml - 45 ron/16 dollars) - A protective and soothing hand cream enriched with Shea butter and Aloe-Vera to relax and calm the skin. SLS & Paraben Free.
Dead Sea Shower Oil (300 ml - 72 ron/24 dollars) - A deeply moisturizing liquid soap rich in antioxidants to maintain the natural PH levels of your skin. Contains essential oils; Olive, Avocado, Jojoba and Wheat Germ. Includes pump. SLS & Paraben Free.

Dead Sea Renewal Face Polisher (200 ml - 110 ron/45 dollars) - A facial scrub created to cleanse and rejuvenate the delicate skin, revealing an inner glow. A formula that is especially gentle with oils to calm and provide necessary moisture. SLS & Paraben Free.
Dead Sea Moisturizing Face Cream (100 ml - 98 ron/50 dollars) - This velvety daily face moisturizer aids to increase your skin’s natural moisture and elasticity. Enriched with Cocoa Butter and a blend of oils that nourish and protect the skin from environmental damages.

The collection also includes a Natural Dead Sea Body Mud (not yet on the site) - 38 dollars. A Mud mask for the body, rich in minerals and a balanced complex of salts, mud, oils, and plants unique to the Dead Sea Shores and Judean Desert. The mask works to calm the skin, stimulate circulation, renew cells and improve skin texture. 
If you want to gift a special person something from this collection there is a Dead Sea gift set ready for you containing the Natural Dead Sea Body Mud (150 ml), the Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion (150 ml) and the Dead Sea Shower Oil (100 ml), all packed in an elegant and beautiful case. Price : 175 ron.
I  hoped I convinced you to go and check this collection in the stores, I am very curious about its scent and wonderful purifying properties. I am especially eager to try the Dead Sea Renewal Face Polisher; I have another old one in my stash and I adore it! I cannot live without it (I should write a review on it..remember Monica!). Tell me Which product from the Dead Sea collection are you most eager to try ? Until next time,


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