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Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Orange from Florida - review

As I told you before I simply love to test new things ... I have an extensive shower gel collection and I switch them every day according to my mood. And my mood took me these days of grey sky and bitter cold towards the warm, sunny summer days, when the sky is blue and you feel happy, optimistic and carefree. And yes I took out from my stash my beloved Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Orange from Florida shower gel. 

I have to say that Yves Rocher shower gels are an important part of my collection: they are fabulously smelling, they wash and hydrate decently and they can be found at a good price (if you shop online, there are always great promotions in all their products). Love them! But let's find out something about the brand:
It was 50 years ago, in the attic of his family’s home, in the heart of Bretagne, France, that Yves Rocher created Botanical Beauty, based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential. From the very beginning, he insisted on controlling every step of the production cycle in order to guarantee quality and safety of all products for a respectful and accessible brand.

Harvester: For the past 50 years, we have harvested our own organically grown plants.
Manufacturer: We extract the best ingredients from the plant world and offer you products that are manufactured in our very own factories in Bretagne.
Distributor : We have always distributed our own products (by mail orders, stores and Beauty Institutes, and online) without any intermediaries, to ensure that you get the best of beauty care at the best possible price.

50 years ago, the Yves Rocher brand was born of the vision of a man who believed in botanical-based cosmetics and the democratization of beauty for all women. These two views are the pillars of Botanical Beauty.

Yves Rocher Researchers have a thorough knowledge of botanicals, essential to understanding them, but also protecting them. That is why in 1977 a Botanical Garden was created in La Gacilly. And beyond La Gacilly, Yves Rocher botanists and ethnobotanists travel the five continents to explore the botanical world and discover the most efficient plants for you.

Botanicals are alive. They are packed with vital energy and thanks to their incredible properties, Yves Rocher is constantly creating ever more effective active ingredients that work intensely on the skin.  source:
But let's go back to the sweet smelling summer days of warm sunshine and cloudless blue sky. The Orange from Florida is one of my favourite shower gels. It comes in a 200 ml plastic recipient that closes with a sturdy cap. It has a valability of 12 months (it never reaches this deadline, the shower gel is gone in a month or two).
I simply adore the sweet smell of oranges ... it makes me run and buy them to make a rich and fabulous orange juice! It has a not too thin, watery-like consistency but a not too thick one either. It lathers pretty well, washes and nourishes decently (I don't need to apply a body cream in the summer but in the colder seasons I feel the need to further moisturize). The smell is simply fabulous and it lasts quite a long time onto the skin and in the bathroom. (If you're not into scents or you are allergic to them stay away from it!)
You can check out the ingredients here :
You can buy it at all Yves Rocher shops and online here :   It usually costs around 10 ron/4 dollars (now it's on offer on the site at 7.90 ron).

All in all, Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Orange from Florida is a very good quality product for the price and I fully recommend it to you. Tell me : Do you use only one showel gel until it's finished and then buy a new one, or do you like to have several to use as you want as me ?


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