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One of my all time favourite concealers : Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place concealer

I have to confess I adore the Estee Lauder brand! I have really bad dark circles and so far the concealer is the best I've tried!

I think that the Double Wear range is a godsend for all of us oily/combination complexions!! I cannot live without the concealer and I am desperate I'm hitting pan!! I try to scrape from the recipient the last precious drop!! It is so long lasting and it covers amazingly my lovely dark circles! I get depressed thinking I will finish the concealer...I also love the Double wear foundation, again light on the skin, natural looking if moderately applied and blended, buildable up to full coverage, very long lasting! LOOOOVE! 

Also new in my make-up routine is the Sumptuous Extreme Volume mascara, which also starts to become an addiction for me (review soon!). But let's find out who is the woman behind this amazing brand :
Born for Beauty

The niece of a Hungarian chemist, Estée was trained in the art of face creams at an early age. 
Josephine Esther Mentzer was born in New York City. Her parents, Rose Schotz, a Hungarian beauty, and Max Mentzer, a Czechoslovakian businessman who carried a cane and gloves on Sunday, called her Esty, which was changed to Estée when she enrolled in school. 

“The first beauty I ever recognized was my mother,” said Estée. Some of her earliest memories were of her mother’s grooming ritual, which revolved around applying rich creams to her face and hands to keep her skin soft and smooth. “Hands [are] as telling as any written pedigree,” Rose would tell her impressionable daughter.

While her father owned a hardware store where Estée would arrange window displays, she was more interested in taking after her uncle John Schotz, a chemist. He had taught her to cleanse her skin with oils rather than harsh soaps, and to mix up batches of his unique, all-around skin cream. “It was a preciously velvety cream, this potion, one that magically made you sweetly scented, made your face feel like spun silk, made any passing imperfections be gone by evening,” Estée recalled, and she soon dubbed it the Super-Rich All Purpose Creme. It was her first glimpse at something that provided “the power to create beauty.” 

“Success depends on daring to act on dreams,” according to Estée, who turned a homespun cream into a global cosmetics empire. Estée built her company with the perfect mix of know-how, dedication, persistence, passion, family commitment–and a lot of free samples.

In 1946 Estée officially launched her namesake line with four hardworking products—The Cleansing Oil, The Creme Pack, her uncle’s Super-Rich All Purpose Creme, and The Skin Lotion. She was her own publicist, often showing up to beauty parlors around New York City to perform makeovers while women sat under the hairdryers.  

Estée believed “3 minutes is all beauty should ever take.” She created quick routines for makeup and skincare, which she eagerly demonstrated on women—at every store where an Estée Lauder counter opened, while riding on a train or an elevator, or simply walking down the street. She loved nothing more than transforming a woman’s look with her personal touch, and doling out bits of advice along the way. 

After Estée’s “millionth” request, Robert Fisk, the cosmetics buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue, finally agreed to place his first order of her product—$800 worth,  to be exact—in 1946. To announce her arrival at the upscale department store, Estée sent out elegant white cards with gold lettering to inform the store’s preferred-customer list that she would be offering a free cream-based powder with every purchase. Within two days, the entire stock was sold out—and the industry’s “gift with purchase” marketing concept was born. 

Convinced that European women were as “face-conscious” as they were “fashion-conscious,” Estée launched her brand at Harrods in London in 1960, after years of charming its buyer. Next came Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The brand would expand into the rapidly emerging markets of Moscow in 1981, and Shanghai in 1993. Today, Estée Lauder is sold in over 150 countries across the globe.  source: esteelauder.com
Drawing its inspiration from such a fascinating woman the Estee Lauder brand is associated with the highest quality in products, femininity, class and timeless elegance.

But let's go back to my miracle worker the Double Wear Stay-in-place concealer spf 10 in Light. It comes in a plastic recipient of 7ml/24oz. of product with an applicator, making it easy to apply onto the skin. It has a 24 months valability.
yes it is very abused
It is a 15-hour lightweight cream concealer that delivers the appearance of flawless skin all day long. It is easily blendable, it is formulated with minerals and emollients that condition skin, leaving it soft and smooth instead of greasy. The company claims that it is an oil-free formula that is transfer-resistant and color-true with medium, buildable coverage, it won’t slip off or melt away from water, perspiration, or humidity. It has a great range of colours and shades to suit all needs.

Since I have quite dark circles I want them well covered the entire day, meaning from 7am to 11pm. I have a combination skin and I don't want my make-up to dissapear towards the end of the day. Since this concealer is quite high-end therefore expensive I had high expectations from it!

Firstly let me show you my lovely dark circles:
no make-up
The coverage is indeed medium and it can be buildable towards full.
I'll let the pictures show you how amazing this concealer truly is!

one eye
both eyes
Although it doesn't make my dark circles completely dissapear, it makes them less noticeable and it lasts the entire day against all odds! I loooove it! It can be found in all shops that sell Estee Lauder products at the price of aprox 100ron/25 dollars.

All in all, if you have a serious problem with the dark circles like me I thoroughly recommend the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place concealer to you!! It is a great quality product that does what it promises to do: covering dark circles and staying in place all day, therefore I give it the A grade with merits!! Tell me What other high coverage long lasting concealers can you recommend for my dark circles?
A dose of English:
to scrape - to remove (an outer layer, for example) from a surface by forceful strokes of an edged or rough instrument
batch - a quantity or number coming at one time or taken together; group; lot
beauty parlors -  beauty salons
against all odds - if you do or achieve something against all the odds, you do or achieve it although there were a lot of problems and you were not likely to succeed   


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