luni, 22 decembrie 2014

My Xmas Tag

  Ho, ho, ho!
  This Christmas time I really want
  Santa to bring me quite a lot :
  Fun, joy and lots of love
  And blessings from up above
  To my loved ones family and friends
  And the wishlist never ends.

  Santa I was really good this year
  Hurry up and come quite near
  Oh I hope you're young and fit
  Down the chimney you will fit
  I will sing you lovely carols
  You'll be here for many hours.
 My wishlist is here so you'll better hear :
 Fill my Xmas tree with Pandora jewellery
 All high-end perfumes will dissapear
 In my room to magically appear
 Make-up, creams, masks and other things
 You will bring for my blog testing.

 Make my blog shine like a star
 On the beauty calendar
 Grow it slowly day by day
 So the end will be ok
 My readers to enchant and attract
 So they'll be back for the next act
 For my fellow beauty bloggers
 The wishlist will be quite bonkers:

 Ana  - bathe her in perfumes all year
 All Sisley and Guerlain to be quite clear!
 Dana - may Santa fill your make-up stash
 With all the brands you really wish!
 Tavia - may Santa bring you first the latest
 In make-up, perfumes and care from the greatest!

 Ioana - may Santa bring for you MAC products quite a few
 The Iherb he will raid for you and a Travalo or two!
 For Ira - Santa hear my plea: 
 Bring her a really big travel voucher
 She has a huge wide world to conquer!
 Oh .. and add a Remington  curler!

 Anne - may Santa fill your house with joy and cheer throughout the year!
 Bio products come your way and fancy jewellery will be ok!
 For  Cosmina it's all quite clear: no more Math this time of the year!
 May The balm  palettes come your way and a Remington wand will be ok!
 Oana - may Santa bring to you many Wjcon and Revlon vouchers
 To spend all year round and many others!

 For Alina it's all quite clear: Gucci Rush for an entire year!
 Ana the high-end lover, at Sephora undercover
 May Santa grant you the biggest cheque to spend
 Until 2015's end!
 For Maria a long list with Yves Rocher on top of it!
 Elena - bring her Santa a bag full of Trind products to try
 So many wishes ...don't ask us why!

For all of us beauty bloggers
May Santa bring us inspiration 
In our beauty creation!
Fantastic photos, face and body care,
Make-up, moving swatches to share
For us Beauty is everywhere!

For you my lovely readers
May Santa bring you here
A lifetime of love and cheer!
And I wish your house will stay
Filled with peace and light and joy
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Full of family, friends and cheer!
Ho, ho, ho!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ...


  1. OMG, amazing! Monica, chiar ai talent, nu gluma!!! Multumesc pentru urari!

  2. Multumesc mult! Sarbatori fericite! A fost foarte distractiv sa fac urarile, cu siguranta daca muza Fortuna ma va ajuta voi mai face poezie :)

  3. Wow...really great..u r amazing...really resourceful..i am still thinking of ur gourgeous santa :)...but why am i absent from ur wishlist? Have i been bad? Lots of kisses and hugs baby..wishing u the best of all

  4. Nope you are not absent, you are part of the family so the wishes for you are at the beginning. Merry christmas! You know who you are! :)

  5. Uffa! Ho provato tanti a scriverti. Questa e' la terza volta. Ma mi sforzo perche' amo il tuo genio. Grazie per farmi felice e speciale perche' ho un'amica in gamba come te. Tanti auguri e felicita', carissima amica!

  6. I love you too! Merry Christmas! Lots of love!

  7. Pot sa fluier? :)
    Sarbatori fericite!

  8. Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

  9. Draga mea daca vrei sa fluieri, fluiera! :) Ma bucur ca ti-a placut colindul meu. Sarbatori fericite si tie!


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