miercuri, 31 decembrie 2014

Business Cards are a blogger's best friend

When I attended one of the workshops for beauty bloggers organized by Ana Maria from Beautybarometer I found out how important it is for a beauty blogger to have at all times in the purse a business card with all the contact information to give out at the events so that everybody can find out who you are and what you do.

I  hadn't really considered the business cards to be so important for a blogger until I took part in several events and I felt the need to present somebody a card with my contact information and I didn't have one! It was really frustrating for me! And I realized I had to order some business cards for me and fast!

There is a vast variety of shapes, models, colours and other decorations you can choose from when ordering your card. Your business card is very important : the image it portrays echoes your own so you have to make a good impression even  with a simple card. The model you choose is very personal, it should represent you who you really are and what you do. So don't think about money if you really want to be different, choose what makes a lasting impression!

Searching through the ocean of companies who sell business cards I found one that caught my eye: Carti de vizita de Lux . It sells luxury cards but what I like about them is the fact that they are different and interesting! You cannot go unnoticed with a card like that! The cards can be made unique and interesting through a variety of methods: using metalic folio over a matte card, painting the edges of the card, using transparent and semi-trasparent plastic for the cards, cards cut in special shapes, embossed cards, multilayered cards or ones with raised print and many others. Interesting right ? Yes, they are expensive but I think they're worth it if you want to stand out from the crowd!

I especially liked the ones called Carti de vizita multistrat . Look at this one: so cute and elegant. Very me!
Or this one:
  This one looks good too.
I am definitely going to put them on the to do list with the highest priority! The New Year 2015 will certainly bring me a new and beautiful set of business cards! Because it is true that business cards are a blogger's best friend!


  1. Thanks! Ma bucur ca ti-a fost de ajutor sugestia mea, cartile de vizita si eu le consideram candva un moft....si dupa ce mi-am tot dat adresa de email si datele de contact legate de blog pe bucatele de hartie sau de servetel, am zis ca trebuie sa imi fac :).

  2. Da, mi-a fost de mare ajutor! Si eu mi-am dat seama curand ca am mare nevoie de carti de vizita asa ca asta este prima prioritate pe anul ce vine! Sa ai un an nou plin de bucurii si dorinte implinite pe toate planurile!


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