vineri, 12 decembrie 2014

New in town: Anca Radulescu's professional make-up brushes

I took part last night at a beautiful event : the launch of the first professional make-up brushes line done by a Romanian make-up artist : Anca Radulescu (and yes she is married to Mihaela Radulescu's brother and she is her make-up artist).

In a lovely atmosphere, full of beauty and art lovers we eagerly awaited for the brushes to be revealed. The event was opened by Mihaela Radulescu with her usual charm and joie du vivre, she presented the story of the event and the team that was behind it. Of course since we are talking about Mihaela Radulescu we should mention charity : both Anca Radulescu and a team of art students created drawings and paintings to be sold or auctioned for the ones in need. Then the lovely and emotional Anca Radulescu finally revealed what we were looking for : the professional brushes!
The brushes were proudly presented in a moving case so they could get the attention they deserved.
There were also demonstrations of make-up using the brushes. I was really curious to see them at work and of course to touch and feel them onto my skin. I tried them out and they were soft and gentle . I am really eager to try them out on a make-up!
 I'll let as per usual the pictures do the talking :
The brushes are longer than usual, 18 cm in length and exclusively made in France. The bristles are made from natural animal hair : squirrel, badger, kolinsky or mongoleze goat (and no animals were hurt in the process: the hairs were trimmed) . The brushes are cruelty free.
You can find them onto Anca Radulescu's site: with prices ranging from 35 to 150 ron.
I am really happy that a Romanian make-up artist launched a Romanian make-up brushes line, a great quality one for that matter! It feels so good to know that we can buy Romanian brushes instead of foreign ones at more affordable prices and at the same time we can support our own values and brands.
We are Romanians, we should be proud of it and we should promote and value our own! Well done Anca Radulescu we are proud of you!

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