marți, 19 ianuarie 2016

S Coffee - a great way to start the day

No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for "Before Coffee.” Cherise Sinclair, Master of the Mountain. Yes, all modern living cannot happen without coffee. At least in my case. I don't feel fully awake before my morning coffee. And I also love the Me time my morning coffee provides. It is a ritual of my own, a small daily pleasure I indulge in before facing the challenges of the day. And if it is about sharing the moment with friends the enjoyment will be even greater. So when I received the invitation to do an S coffee sampling with several other bloggers I love, of course I said yes!
In a cold, grey, rainy day we gathered full if excitement at Creamier cafe (good coffee and hand made gelato) a cozy little place in the Romanian Athenee area. I was really curious and excited about the sampling of the coffee since I have never participated in one. And I was interested to learn more about the speciality coffee - S Coffee - we were about to taste. It comes in different varieties from Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazilia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia. I love the simple yet elegant and suggestive packaging with traditional patterns from all the countries of origin. (You can buy them from S - 200 gr from 24 to 32 ron)

Gabriela Butnaru, our lovely host started the sampling preparations by weighing a precise amount of coffee, then grinding it and infusing it with water for about three minutes.
After that we started to sample each infused coffee cup by sipping each cup and comparing each taste. Each coffee has its own individual taste, some nutty, some chocholaty, some frutty and with traces of caramel. After finding out more about each type, we chose one to enjoy. I got a cappuccino with plenty of froth milk and cream. 
The very talented staff in the cafe  competed in making the most beautiful drawings in the coffee cups for us to enjoy. Mine was this very cute doggie , who very much resembled my dog Jack when he was a small puppy.
To better complement the excellent coffee we enjoyed a cup of hand made ice cream (over 12 types: 3 types of chocholate, vanilla, mango, mint-lime-basil, salted caramel, amarena and more). I loved my ice cream - salted caramel, and the mint-lime-basil type is perfect for the summer, fresh and zesty!! I will definitely be back for more! And we talked and talked and we didn't want to leave. I had a great time - good coffee, great friends and tasty ice cream, what more can you ask for ?
I will definitely be back at Creamier (Benjamin Franklin no.5) with my friends for a good coffee and a tasty ice cream - they both complement each other perfectly. If you love your coffee ritual it is a place not to be missed! Love, M


  1. Wow, I want that <3 it look verry yammy <3

  2. Yes, it not only looked great but tasted great too. Yummy!

  3. Da, un post aratos si foarte gustos. Si cafeaua si inghetata au fost foarte bune, cu siguranta voi mai reveni. La vara sigur revin pentru inghetata cu lime, menta si busuioc, e un vis racoritor!


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