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4 months anniversary : Max Factor Giveaway - CLOSED

Today my baby blog turns 4 months. As a thank you to all of you my lovely readers I prepared a giveway with Max Factor : a beauty pack containing the Lasting Performance foundation and the Creme Puff powder.
As I posted before Max Factor celebrated its 80th anniversary by appointing Marilyn Monroe as its global glamour ambassador and launched #GlamJan a challenge for all of us ordinary women to follow Norma Jean's rags to riches story and add a touch of sparkle and glamour into our lives. I took on the challenge and I became my version of Marylin for a day #GlamJan .
 So I challenge you to tell me what does glamour and beauty mean to you.
  Conditions for the giveaway :
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   Leave a blog comment in which you tell me does glamour and beauty mean to you
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   That's it! The giveaway starts now and ends on 15th February 2015.  Open to Residents of Romania only. The winner will be selected by Random.org and announced on the blog and Facebook . The winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.  Good Luck! 
    L.E. - The winner of the giweaway is Dulce Ale. Congratulations! Contact me at monikatone@gmail.com in 48 hours with your full name and adress so I can send you the prize. 



  1. Beauty and glamour for me means wearing your true self with pride, Being natural, enhancing your beauty and like Marilyn said Always be yourself :)

  2. Beauty and glamour means to be proud of who you are and not to care what others think about you!

  3. Beauty and glamour means for me to accept that in every way we still are beautifull, cause we are sensitive and feminine.

  4. I follow you on Bloglovin. Also I liked your FB page & Maxfactor Ro's page. Here is the share link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1411457129151911&id=100008629111718&pnref=story

    I think there is a strong "relationship" between beauty and glamour. We could talk all day about this subject. But I think that through the beauty, you fascinate, you glam. Is not just about how you look like, it is also about how you feel and how you act.

  5. Glamour and beauty to me means classy,well groomed,glossy,self-assured and luxurious
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  6. Glamour and beauty it means atitude.To be UINQUE. Anytime...anywhere..
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  7. Glamour and beauty are the best accessories a girl can have!

  8. The beauty and brilliance means to me mood, always be beautiful and shiny, counts confidence in yourself, no jeans or company size.FB:CARMEN MARYLENA TENDER,SHARE:https://www.facebook.com/tender.carmenmarilena/posts/1084058871611316?pnref=story

  9. Beauty and glamor mean many things , depending on context, and also means to trust in yourself and your appearance!
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  10. Ghizdavu iuliana simona ;Glamour and beauty is the perfect woman FB;Iuliana simona ghizdavu share;https://www.facebook.com/iulianasimona.ghizdavu/posts/1537494696528127?pnref=story,GFC;Iuliana simona ghizdavu

  11. fb-Barcer Mihaela
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    " Imperfection is beautiful , madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. " - Marlyn Monroe

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    Beauty and glamour mean so many for me. First of all,I believe that being glamorous is related to your mood and how you feel.You're beautiful, no matter what people say.The most important is the way you see yourself. You should be prod for who you are and you're emanating confidence.We all know that Confidence is sexy.

  13. For me, beauty means everything. It can be a person, a piece of furniture, a plant or a city like Paris. As humans, we feel attracted to outer beauty and something that is not aesthetic interest not wake you in any way. I met beautiful people on the outside but after I talked with them completely changed my mind. Outer beauty is not everything, beauty is something special that comes from within, a spirit that permeates across all.

  14. A Glamour and beauty is simply a woman who has a natural attractiveness that is irresistable to men. The type that stand out from the crowd without trying <3

  15. Glamour and beauty means to me to look fabulous and beautiful every day, just like every woman should look like.

  16. Glamour and beauty means to me 100% happy woman!

  17. Glamour and beauty means happyness and confidence.

  18. Everybody is beautiful, inside or out, but we are all beautiful in our own unique way, but not anybody can be also glamorous. That depends on your confidence and attitude.

  19. Beauty and glamour means ,happines and elegance

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    For me, glamour and beauty means SELF-CONFIDENCE.

  22. beauty and glamor for myself means benefit and supreme self-confidence ..

  23. Glamour and beauty means to me: beauty, perfect, sexy. :)

  24. Beauty and glamour means to me felling beautiful just the way you are, not following a beauty stereotype. Be you, you are amazing!

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  25. fb ene maria bloglovin ene maria share https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=349317355256334&id=100005342163092&pnref=story mail maria_ene_1964@yahoo.com Glamour and beauty are the best accessories a girl can have!

  26. FB: Alexandra Ioana
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    Beauty and glamour are every womans' secret weapons, if she knows how and when to use them.

  27. Beauty and glamour means to be different and brilliant
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  28. I would like to say that glamour means embellishing (adding) and beauty is more natural. -shaunie

  29. Beauty and glamour for me means to feel good in my skin.

  30. Beauty and glamour means elegance,means to feel great and attractive for the others:)

  31. FB, Bloglovin:Dulce Ale, share:https://www.facebook.com/dulce.ale.5/posts/816522375088171?pnref=story Happy Birthday! beauty and glamour are the woman s best friends!


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