miercuri, 25 februarie 2015

Take care of your body with Elmiplant

In the winter time I always feel the need to further moisturize; my face and lips, my body and hands and my hair. I always love to try new creams and lotions. And being a beauty blogger doesn't help : my wallet is always screaming stoop! when I empty it in the beauty shops. So yes I am always searching for a good product at a decent price. I was very happy to hear that Elmiplant, a Romanian brand, has launched a new body care range. I love Elmiplant products, especially their make-up removers and face creams. I haven't tried their body care range or their shower gels, so I was glad to have a reason to go shopping again. 

The Body Nutrients range contains formulas that are enhanced with 100% natural ingredients deriving from eco-friendly and gentle production methods that preserve their actives. Cocoa butter, an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature gives your skin the nourishment it needs and restores its natural healthy glow.  

Macadamia oil, rich in omega essential fatty acids, supplies nourishment to the skin assuring a smooth & soft feeling. NUTRI MOIST 48H is an advanced moisturizing complex combining the purity of natural ingredients with the power of science, that offers immediate moisturizing and prolongs skin hydration up to 48H increasing your comfortable skin feeling. Here are the new body lotions in the range:
Having a non-greasy texture, Elmiplant Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion helps replenish moisture and protects dry skin, leaving it feeling soothed and comfortable for up to 24 hours. Price - 13 ron
Enriched with Yogurt And Bamboo, this lotion stimulates the skin's moisture production in a natural way, improves the structure of the skin and further prevents moisture loss. It absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. Yogurt, a natural cocktail of proteins, minerals and vitamins, instantly moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin areas. At the same time, Bamboo Extract nourishes and protects the skin producing a soft, tender skin texture.

Elmiplant Repairing Nourishing Body Milk relieves instantly & deeply repairs very dry skin, leaving it feeling soothed and ultra-fine for up to 24 hours. Price - 13 ron
An extra caring formula enriched with natural extracts provides your skin its lost moisture. Cotton Herbamilk, with rich content of oils and proteins, helps restore skin softness and suppleness. Rice Proteins balance the skin's natural moisturization, improving its structure and leaving it soft and radiant.

Elmiplant Refreshing Body Lotion awakens your skin with an intense burst of hydration, leaving it smooth and refreshed. Price - 13 ron

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Lime pure essential oil improves the tone of the skin, while having uplifting effects on the mind and body. Quince extract preserves the skin moisture balance for the entire day for a feeling of perfectly smooth skin. Like a gentle rainfall, this delightful lotion provides you a constant moisture throughout the day. It absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Elmiplant Firming Body Lotion improves skin elasticity & renders your complextion visibly more smooth & firm. Price - 13 ron
Its easily absorbent formula moisturizes & tones up your skin through an efficient combination of natural active ingredients. Lipofirm, a natural ingredients complex, restores the collagen structure of the skin, increasing & regulating the micro-circulation. The skin becomes firmer, regaining its satin glow. Mandarin Oil with its purifying & tonic properties, improves the texture of the skin, regiving it the elasticity and suppleness.

Elmiplant Silky Radiance body lotion transforms dull and dehydrated skin keeping it silky soft and healthy radiant up to 48 hours. Price - 13 ron
I am interested in trying all these body lotions, especially the Elmiplant Silky Radiance body lotion and the Elmiplant Refreshing Body Lotion during the summer time. You can find them in stores so go and check them out! Until next time , 



  1. Suna interesant, eu ma bucur la categoria produselor pentru ten de Elmiplant/Bioten, crème de corp sau geluri de dus inca nu am incercat, am in vedere sa incep cu unul din gelurile de dus. :)

  2. Si eu tot produse de fata am incercat de la ei, tot asa am pe lista gelurile de dus si produsele de corp. Am auzit ca sunt foarte bune.


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