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Shine like gold in the winter time with L'Oreal Nutri Gold

In the winter time especially we need more hydration, no matter what type of skin we have. So we turn to thicker creams, serums and masks to add the extra moisturization. L'Oreal Paris has just lanched as an addition to its Nutri Gold line two new exciting products :  the Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil and the Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil cream.
Russian model Natasha Poly features as the face of L’Oreal Paris Nutri Gold campaign.

Let's start with the Nutri-Gold Extraordinary Oil (recommended price 43 ron) 
This new product from L’Oreal is a blend of eight essential oils that hydrate and brighten the complexion and eight precious oils : jojoba, olives, sun flower, rosehip, passiflora, apricot, corn and rice bran extract.  It’s recommended for every skin type and designed for every woman ranging from 20 to 50 years of age. The texture of the oil is very light and it absorbs very quickly into the skin, leaving it smooth and velvety without any oily residue.
    The eight essential oils L'Oreal used in the formula and their benefits:
  • English Lavender  (calming for dry skin)
  • Rosemary Leaf  (helps with acne & circulation)
  • Geranium (astringent properties)
  • Orange Peel  (anti-aging & skin glow)
  • Roman Chamomile (anti-inflammatory)
  • Rose Flower (can help scars fade)
  • Lavandin (an English & French Lavender blend)
  • Marjoram Leaf (antioxidants & vitamins)
How to use :
Nutri Gold Extraordinary Facial Oil can be used daily, alone or to complement your day and night regime, on a cleansed face and neck.
The instructions recommend three drops in the morning, before applying your makeup and four or five drops in the evening, but two or three are just as moisturizing.
The incorporated dropper will help you to apply the oil to your fingertips first, rub them together to warm it up and then massage onto the skin using your fingertips in circular motion.
Allow the oil to absorb thoroughly before applying your day or night cream if needed.
Avoid contact with the eye area, when using essential oils as they can cause irritations to the delicate eye area.
Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil cream (recommended price 43 ron) 
L’Oreal brings the ultimate luxurious nutrition in Nutri Gold creme. 
Stay protected from winter damage and get 90% less dryness in your skin. L’Oreal Paris Nutri Gold creme fortifies and protects skin against wind, pollution, intense cold and drying heat. This creme is enriched with precious royal jelly and pro-calcium and also has luxurious butter soft balm.
According to L’Oreal, this extraordinary Oil-Cream “nourishes your skin and adds moisture and luster. Its light and dry formula allows it to be quickly absorbed by the skin”.

This moisturizer is infused with the essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary, it intensely nourishes with moisture, for skin that looks brighter, helping reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue. It is a thick cream. It’s very suitable for mature or very dry skin, especially in the winter season. It can be recommended to mothers and grandmothers or to women with mature, dull and dry skin.

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