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Feel the Happiness with Gerovital

Happiness is such a personal thing. You can choose to live your life being happy or being sad or dissatisfied about everything. Happiness can be found so easily in the smallest of things: a bright sunny day, a perfumed flower in a vase, the lovely song of the birds outside, the loving hug of a mother, the sensual kiss of your loved one and so on ... It is important to find your moments of happiness, to live and cherish them forever. You can also achive happiness with the newest launch from Farmec.

The company will launch in February 2015 a new face and body care line beautifully named Happiness. The products will be available in stores and online in February. Here are the products in the Happiness line.
Refreshing moisturizing mask  9.5ron
The mask contains Raspberry extract and Aquaxyl, for a balancing moisturizing effect, and Vitamin E, having a protective antioxidative effect.
Peeling mask  9.5ron
The mask contains Avocado oil, Vitamin E and Apricot extract, active principles with regenerating and nourishing effects. The Apricot kernel granules ensure gentle but efficient exfoliation.
CC Cream in Light/Medium/Dark  18ron
The “Color Control” (CC) Gerovital Cream is the new generation of BB creams, a single formula which gives the skin a perfectly natural look, by combining effective active ingredients with natural pigments. The invigorating and moisturizing effect of the Raspberry extract is complemented by Aquaxyl, which improves the skin’s barrier function.
Refreshing moisturizing cream 15ron
The cream contains Lipomoist, a complex of amino acids and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, Aquaxyl, a mixture of natural glycosides and Raspberry extract, rich in flavonoids, sugars and vitamin C. This cocktail of active principles restores the skin's water reserves and reduces transepidermal water loss, having an exceptional moisturizing effect, with immediate and long-lasting action.
Mattifying moisturizing cream  15ron
The cream contains Sebaryl®, which regulates sebaceous secretions, a natural astringent with a mattifying effect. Lipomoist 2036 is a complex of amino acids and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, having an invigorating and moisturizing effect. The Blueberry extract, rich in vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids and anthocyanins, is an antioxidant which regulates sebum secretion and has a mattifying effect. Working in synergy, the active principles ensure optimal care for oily skin.
Nourishing moisturizing cream 15ron
The cream contains Avocado oil, rich in nutrients, antioxidants, lecithin and minerals, favoring skin regeneration and hydration. The regenerating and nourishing effect is enhanced by the presence of the Apricot extract, while the moisturizing effect benefits from the association of Aquaxyl.
Anti-imperfections Serum Illumination Effect  18ron
The natural Salicylic acid restores skin brilliance, erases surface imperfections and improves the aspect of pigmentation spots. Sepitonic M3 stimulates the energetic metabolism of skin cells and is recommended for oily skin with problems.
Foaming gel cleanser  11ron
Due to its gentle washing agents, the foaming gel eliminates impurities, cleans and refreshes the skin. The exfoliating granules ensure deep cleansing of the skin and efficiently remove the dead skin cells layer. The Blueberry extract ensures excellent care for oily skin.
Daily cleansing fluid 11ron
The make-up remover fluid gently cleans the skin. The Apricot extract, rich in minerals, vitamins and polyphenols nourishes, moisturizes and remineralizes.
Body moisturizing lotion 13ron
The body lotion contains Olive oil and Raspberry extract, which contribute to maintaining the structural integrity and optimal moisturizing level of the skin. Vitamin E fights against the skin ageing processes. Contains mineral particles for a brightness effect.
Moisturizing and emollient body milk  13ron 
The body milk contains Olive oil, rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular Omega 3 and 6, with antioxidant and moisturizing effects.The antioxidant effect is enhanced by the presence of the Blueberry extract, while the moisturizing effect benefits from the association of Aquaxyl. Leaves the skin soft, moisturized and full of freshness.
Nourishing body lotion  13ron
The body lotion with Apricot extract and Olive oil deeply nourishes the skin, restoring its natural freshness and brilliance. Vitamin E contributes to the fight against skin ageing processes.
Foot scrub  9.5ron
The exfoliating granules efficiently remove the layer of dead cells on the skin surface, while the Raspberry extract moisturizes and invigorates.
Deodorizing moisturizing foot cream 9.5ron
This invigorating foot cream contains active ingredients with deodorizing action, as well as Pantenol and Apricot extract for a deep moisturizing effect and Ginger extract, which has decongesting and relaxing properties.
I am very intrigued about the CC creams, the face masks which I looove to test, the face care for oily skin - like me, and of course about the yummy looking body lotions. I think they will smell amazing! I can't wait to try them in stores! And all the products are very affordable! It is a reason for Happiness indeed!
Tell me What products are you most interested to try ? If you want to find out more about the Farmec brand, you can read here and here .  Until next time ,



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