duminică, 22 februarie 2015

Bridal Make-up ? A child's play

I think you already know I love to play with make-up. I am fascinated by the magical transforming power of make-up: how a normal person can totally transform into a godess, a vamp or a fresh blushing bride.

Yesterday I took part in my second make-up workshop done by Dana Stancu at Startline Academy (Anastasie Panu street no. 50). I had also participated in the smoky eyes workshop last year. This workshop's theme was bridal make-up.
I think the bridal make-up is the most important one: there is no woman on the earth who hasn't dreamt from her childhood all the details about her wedding, especially her dress and her make-up and hair. I think all of us women are beautiful, there are no ugly women. We, make-up artists, have to find each woman's inner and outer beauty and enhance it. This is the essence of bridal make-up : fresh, perfect skin, face corrections - if neccesary, long-lasting make-up, all enhancing the bride's beautiful features.

As per usual Dana started the workshop with a very detailed demonstration, giving us explanations, lots of useful tips and information about the best products for the bridal make-up.
And it was time for us to bring our beautiful models in and start the bridal make-up. My gorgeous model Carmen was ready and I set out to make her even more beautiful.
The secrets of the bridal make-up are bases, long-lasting professional products and a lot of blending and layering with the help of my beloved Sigma brushes.
                                                        Photo credits Ana-Maria Pirscoveanu   
My model Carmen was absolutely drop dead gorgeous at the end, she was very happy with the make-up look, her only regret being that she had to take off the make-up at the end of the day!
The workshop was a success for me, being able to learn many efficient tips and information about make-up from a profesional, experienced make-up artist. Dana's talent and skill made the workshop yet again a success!! If you want to find out more about Dana or her work, you can read her beauty blog Danamake-up.  Until next time ,


  1. Multumesc draga mea. Cum ti-am spus si la curs TU ai facun progrese foarte mari, asa ca fi mandra! I know I am!

  2. Multumesc mult! Sper sa continui sa progresez tot mai mult. Pupici!


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