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Tell your story with SMOKY STORIES from Bourjois

Bourjois is a brand that I love! I was and still am a long time buyer of the blushes and eye shadows. I love their silky texture on my skin and all the lovely colours that they have. They are very good quality products at a convenient price. They always come up with very interesting and inovative products. But let me tell you something about the brand.
In 1863, Bourjois was born on the great boulevards of Paris in the theatre district, at a time when France was the world's second leading economic power. The actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin was the company's first creator; he prepared makeup and perfumes for actors and actresses in the comfort of his own home. In 1868, Ponsin entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois. The company blossomed in the hands of Monsieur Bourjois, who made it internationally known.  

The first creations were waxy makeup sticks in many colours, with amusing names like Jealous or Lovesick, specially created for theatre, by Joseph-Albert Ponsin, a genial visionary, part actor and a great cosmetologist. His cosmetic palette broadened rapidly; the refinement and variety of his makeup brought success that extended beyond the circle of actors and actresses. 

How do you achieve a very fine and silky powdered texture that dusts the skin with soft, transparent colour?  Combine a careful amount of of powder and water, mix it delicately, pour it into rounded moulds and put it in the oven to bake...this is the principle behind a complex recipe that Bourjois has been improving since 1863: add a few grams of shimmering mother-of-pearl, let it bake a bit more, depending on the effect desired. One hundred and fifty years worth of experience guarantees a certain expertise in preparing makeup!

Java rice powder was launched in 1879 and was designed to lighten skin and leave it silky-soft: women adopted this idea immediately and Bourjois then extended to the mass market in many countries. A steam factory was built at Pantin in 1891. In 1897, it sold two million boxes of Java rice powder worldwide. Product information was translated into five languages.

Makeup for cheeks, for eyelids, rice powders, polishes, lipsticks and Indian tablets that were the ancestors of mascara, as well as "perfume extracts for the handkerchief," "perfumed sachets to put inside slippers," toothpastes, hair lotions...and even a "Hungarian pomade" to help arrange a gentleman's moustache! The offer of beauty products was extremely broad and each piece was elaborated by paying very careful attention to detail, all the way to its presentation in the sales catalogue.

With the invention of the Bourjois "mini" range in the late 19th century, cute and practical with modern-style designs, Bourjois was the pioneer of the “makeup on-the-go" concept.
Initiating "story-telling" marketing, Bourjois told about the adventures of "Babette" in 1924. She was a young and elegant imaginary woman, who was the ambassadress of Pastel perfumes and makeup in all the leading newspapers for six years.   

Amongst others, Bourjois invented the Coup de Théâtre mascara, the first double-ended mascara and Suivez Mon Regard, a loose powder eyeshadow in a clever box that delivers the right amount of powder onto the built-in brush. Ingenious products that make beautiful accessories : each product is carefully designed to make them easy to use and a pleasure to carry in your handbag!

Did you know that the Bourjois catalogue includes over 400 shades and that 100 of these are renewed each year?!

The Bourjois teams - product managers, packaging engineers, formulators -- are 90% female! They make every effort to design high-quality products: they are creative, expert, careful about details and have the cutting-edge expertise necessary to propose top-performance innovations at an accessible price.    source:
The latest boast from Bourjois : they have launched a range of subtle and easy to wear colours both for day and night called Smoky Stories.
There are 4 eye palettes, each containing 3 eye shadows with a powdered, creamy texture (each containing a primer to make the colour last longer) and a Light Touch top coat to keep the intensity of the shadows and at the same time to give them a touch of glamour.
For the perfect make-up there are 4 steps :
- apply the lightest shade under the arch of the brow to lighten the eyes
- apply the medium colour onto the mobile lid to intensify the make-up
- apply the darkest shade at the base of the lashes to bring definition to your eyes
- add the Light Touch top coat for a touch of glamour

There are 4 eye palettes, each having a different colour theme as follows:
02 Over rose
07 In mauve again
06 Upside brown
03 I love blue
You can find the Smoky Stories range in stores starting from February at the promotional price of 43ron.
One of Bourjois's bestsellers and most loved product is the ROUGE EDITION VELVET lipstick. 
It has an incredible texture: a Matte finish that is also incredibly light. Its soft, melting texture glides on to the lips and turns into a matt, velvety and incredibly light colour. Lips are left smooth and soft as velvet. Thanks to the formula being saturated with pure pigments, each shade perfectly covers lips with bold, very intense colour. Enriched with evanescent oils, its incredibly sensuous formula provides a soft, second-skin feel, without drying or fading lips up to 24 hours.
The company has added three new shades to the range : Rouge Edition Velvet 10 Don’t pink of it!, Rouge Edition Velvet 11 So Hap’pink and Rouge Edition Velvet 12 Beau Brun.
The Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks can be found in stores at the price of 65ron. It is definitely a product not to be missed!  Tell me What are your favourite Bourjois products ? Until next time,

A dose of English:
to entrust - (often foll by to) to put into the care or protection of someone
to boast - to talk or write about oneself or something related to oneself in a proud or self-admiring way
to melt - to disappear or vanish gradually as if by dissolving
to glide -  to move in a smooth, effortless manner
velvet - smoothness; softness 




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