marți, 17 februarie 2015

Need a little pampering ? Sabon Shower oil is the one for you

If you read my blog I think you already know that I love Sabon! I have tested several of their products and so far none of them was a dissapointment for me! Today I will talk to you about another product : the Sabon Shower oil in Patchouly-Lavender-Vanilla.
It comes in a 500ml/17.59 oz. glass bottle (it does not come with a pump, you can buy it separately) and has a valability of 12 months. It is suitable for all skin types: Dry, Normal, Oily and Sensitive. I have to admit the the Patchouly-Lavender-Vanilla scent is my favourite from all Sabon ones. I love it!

It is a shower oil is based on natural oils enriched with pure olive oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil and wheat germ oil - all rich in Omega 3,6,7,9 and in vitamin A+D. The scent of Sensual Patchouli, fresh Lavender and sweet Vanilla combines with the vapors of sensual perfumes to make your bath time a time for pampering. SLS and Paraben free.
The texture is not too liquid and not too thick, just right. The shower oil cleans very well, lathers decently and being an oil also nourishes the skin, leaving it perfumed and soft. The lovely perfume lasts for quite a long time both onto my skin and in the bath. I adore it!!
You can see the ingredients here:
I didn't have any skin reactions to it: it didn't itch or redden the skin. The generous quantity of 500 ml is set to last me for quite a while. You can find it in all Sabon shops or online here at the price of 56 ron/20 dollars. You can also find the travel mini size of 60 ml at the price of 30 ron if you want to try it first before buying the bigger quantity. I assure you that you'll fall in love with it!
All in all, I adore the Sabon Shower oil in Patchouly-Lavender-Vanilla! It is a very good quality product and the smell is simply heavenly! I feel very pampered when I use it, my bath smells like a 5 star SPA! For these reasons it is worth the not so cheap price once in a while! I give this shower oil the A grade and I highly recommend it!
If you want to find out more about Sabon products read here and here.  Until next time, 


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