joi, 12 februarie 2015

Bold with make-up ? Try Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

I don't think that there is any make-up lover who doesn't know who Pixiwoos are, or their world-famous make-up brushes Real Techniques. If you don't it's high time you find out. They have an extensive range of great quality make-up brushes, sets or individual to suit all the needs of a make-up artist at a very convenient price.  You can find them here.
This year they have lanched a very special, luxury collection of brushes called The Bold Metals Collection.
It can be found for the moment exclusively at Ulta (US) and Boots (UK). They said: We had one goal: to create a breathtaking, premium brush line that delivered amazing results.
There are technical reasons the brushes are quite amazing. Softer-than-ever bristles have shed-resistant properties and offer advanced pick-up and release of makeup. The handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort. The brushes are engineered for perfect weight distribution when tipped toward the face for use, and the design of the handle ensures your brush won’t roll of the counter. The brushes are also beautiful with the handles coming in Rose Gold, Gold and Platinum, according to their use. Without further ado I present you the brushes:

101 Triangle Foundation: This brush has a dual function and flat edge, so it covers large areas of the face and the angled edges allow for contouring around eyes and nose.  24dollars

100 Arched Powder: The domed shape means the brush sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powder.  26dollars
300 Tapered Blush: The specially-designed tip lets you to highlight and sculpt across the cheeks for a seamless finish. It seems slightly smaller than a standard blush brush, it’s perfect for applying product to the apples of the cheeks.  24dollars
301 Flat Contour: The dense head lets you create shadows and highlights in targeted areas of the face to play up features.   26dollars
200 Oval Shadow: The full, round shape allows for all-over lid application and seamless blending. It’s slightly larger than a standard eye shadow brush, it can be used for other areas of the face, such as highlighting cheekbones, sculpting, setting and more. 16dollars
210 Pointed Crease: The densely packed, tapered bristles let me apply eye shadow while creating a smoky effect. It can be used with all product formulas, from cream and powder. It can be used for spot-covering blemishes with concealer, contouring and even shaping or cleaning up around lips. 16dollars
202 Angled Liner: The firm, slanted head lets you get close to the lashline for smooth application of eyeliner. Use it with powder for a softer definition or create the perfect cat eye with a gel, or use it when you want some brow definition. Just make sure you keep this brush clean after you use different types of products. 16dollars
I have to admit I am a sucker for pretty packaging and although I have enough make-up brushes for my needs , I would love to collect them all! I especially adore the rose gold ones! They would look amazing onto my make-up counter. I AM IN LOVE!!! I really hope that undoubtedly they will be a huge success and so the collection will be launched worldwide in other stores, too.
Tell me Would you buy them at this price-point ? What are your favourites from the collection ? Until next time ,



  1. I have some of their normal regular line brushes and these are drool-worthy! But i heard tat some of these are not up to the mark. Am not sure as i read it in an online review.. You have a nice blog!

  2. Thank you! I also have regular RT brushes and they are very good quality for the money. I would try at least one of the Bold Metals brushes to see if it's worth the more expensive price. If I do I'll write a review post, so come back for more!


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