joi, 26 februarie 2015

Oscar night - the failures

Oscar night - the night everybody is waiting for : to see the winners, the losers, the dresses, the hair and make-up, the hottest couples .. the gossip. The stars' every move is scrutinized and commented. And yes, there are failures both in the fashion department and in the make-up and hair. Let's have a look at them:
Ava DuVernay - just no ..
Viola Davis - too much contrast
Gina Rodriguez- too much blue
Melanie Griffith - too much plastic surgery
Scarlett Johansson - the necklace is too much 
Andrea Riseborough - drowning in yellow
Kelly Osbourne - too rock for the Oscars 
Patricia Arquette - shows that not every dress suits you
Lorelei Linklater - big no, no .. 
 Gayle King - wrong dress  
Georgina Chapman - too flowery 
Bee Shaffer alongside Anna Wintour from Vogue - flowers attack ..  
Robin Roberts - looks cheap in her dress  
Blanca Blanco - is on fire ..  
Chloe Grace Moretz - looks like she's wearing a pijama dress


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