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Focus on ... NUXE

Nuxe - Nature, Performance and Sensuality

I have heard about Nuxe watching a number of famous youtubers or beauty bloggers I love to follow. Nuxe is considered the embodiment of French luxury and elegance. The products combine natural elements (Discoveries of valuable active plant ingredients; Unprecedented selection and utilisation of the active plant ingredients:"Flowering sections" from Passionflower, "Seed" from the Blue Lotus, "Polyphenols" from Blue Everlasting) with the latest innovations in tehnology (45 patents filed to protect NUXE's research; objectivized results of finished products, biometeorological assessment methods in vivo and in vitro) in order to make all women feel pampered, feminine and well taken care of.
Many of their products have become cult products, world loved and famous all over the world.
I have on my wishlist many products from them, starting from their Huile Prodigieuse to their Reve du Miel lip balm and many others.
"Fascinated by the unquantifiable power of plants, and convinced that the plant kingdom is the place to start when seeking out major new treatments, I focused on 5 fundamentals [nature, innovation, evaluation, accessibility and sensory experience] that, day after day, inspire my beauty philosophy and provide my focus for building the NUXE brand." Aliza Jabès
A graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and holder of an MBA in Marketing & Finance, Aliza Jabès, an inspired female entrepreneur, decided early on to be the mistress of her own destiny.
At the start of the 1990s she discovered NUXE, a small formulation laboratory in Paris, and decided to make it the springboard for building a beauty brand which would bring together Nature and Luxury.

Her philosophy: ultra-feminine skincare which would be based on a pharmaceutical approach: nature, innovation, evaluation, accessibility and sensory experience.
In 2007 and 2011, Aliza Jabès and NUXE were awarded the INPI* trophy for innovation bestowed on companies making innovation their driving force... indisputable professional recognition of the NUXE Group's business model.
*Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle [National Industrial Property Institute, France].

Nuxe facts and figures :
65 countries International presence  
45 patents filed
Guarantee of performance, innovation and exclusivity 
25 NUXE SPAS Situated in the most luxurious locations
1989 - Aliza Jabès buys the NUXE Laboratory
1991 - Launch of Huile Prodigieuse®, the first product and the first success story.
1995 - Creation of Baume Lèvres Rêve de Miel® Lip Balm
1999 - Launch of the Crème Fraîche®de Beauté product line
2002 - Opening of the first NUXE Spa
2004 - Creation of the Nirvanesque® range
2007 - Creation of the BIO-BEAUTɮby NUXE brand
2010 - NUXE launches its Men's range, NUXE Men
2012 - Launch of the very first NUXE fragrance, Prodigieux® Le Parfum
2013 - Launch of the NUXE SUN sun skincare range
source : https://us.nuxe.com/
You can see and buy the Nuxe products here :


  1. Yeiiii,
    Ma bucur extrem de mult ca te-ai infectat cu iubirea catre NUXE.
    Ador produsele acestui brand si abia astept sa le achizitionez pe toate.

  2. Maxim. Nu am rezistat tentatiei si am cumparat deja cateva produse care sunt acum in teste, deci va urma.


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