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Neutro Roberts Extra Fresco deodorant - review

While I was staying in Italy I woke up one day and discovered that my old deodorant was finished. Panic! It was the end of August, the beginning of September but the weather was still pretty hot and I desperately needed a new deodorant. So I headed towards the nearest supermarket and bought the Neutro Roberts Extra Fresco deodorant.
Neutro Roberts is a leading personal and skin care brand in Italy. The first to introduce  Neutral pH over 30 years ago, it has become synonymous with gentle and natural skin care. Neutro Roberts' high quality range of products caters to the whole family with an extensive choice of deodorants, soaps, bath foams, shower gels and hair care products.

Between 1960-1970 the Neutro brand created the range of neutral pH skin products for the entire family starting with the shampoo, deodorant and then shower gel. Between 1980-1990 the brand further develops, renaming itself Neutro Roberts, its values being all about gentle and natural skin care.

In 2011 Neutro Roberts launches Dermazero its first range of products that are hypoallergenic, high tolerance for sensitive skin. In 2012 the brand launches Neutro Roberts Men the first range of products designed exclusively for men. In 2013 and 2014 Neutro Roberts launches the Bio Life range (with Bio ingredients) and Bio Fresh (a new deodorant range that combines Bio ingredients with a 24 hours fresh protection).
The deodorant promises an extra freshness to the skin, a long wearing protection against sweating, a transparent formula with 0% stains on clothes, it is suitable for sensitive skin, its formula is enriched with vitamin E and it is dermatologically tested. Sounds pretty good, right? I thought the same and bought it straight away.
The deodorant comes in a stick form in a 40 ml recipient. The product is in solid form coming out at the top if you twist the bottom wheel. It is small, compact, travel friendly (the cap also twists) and easy to use.
It has a very pleasant fresh smell, not too strong and not too weak. They suggest you to apply it then wait until dry, before getting dressed. After following their recommendation, I have been using it daily for over a month.

I love it: for me it's working very well - I feel protected, I don't smell badly during the day, its effects are indeed long lasting (I usually leave early in the morning and arive home late in the evening). I have to admit I don't know how well it will perform in the very hot summer months but I will definitely buy it again and post an update here to tell you about its efficiency.

You can see the ingredients here:
You can find it here . The price is reasonable for its efficiency aprox 10-12 ron.

All in all, I think that the Neutro Roberts Extra Fresco deodorant is a good quality product and I will definitely buy it again! I give it the A grade and recommend it to you. Tell me What other good quality, efficient deodorant can you recommend?
A dose of English :
to head towards something - to move forward toward a point specified; direct one's course; go in a certain direction
to cater - to provide service for
foam - a thick frothy substance, as shaving cream
to sweat - to perspire, especially freely or profusely
to stain - to color with something that penetrates the substance



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