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Out with the old : Deborah Milano powder

I had this powder for quite a while and since hitting the bottom of the pan and getting more and more difficult to swipe the sides for product I decided to let it go and buy another new powder. But before retiring the powder I will talk to you about it after using it for a long time.
The powder is from Deborah Milano in number 42. But first a little history lesson:
The company started up with a simple yet ambitious goal, neatly summed up by the Latin saying: Vive Valeque, or, live and be well. This is the story of how a company has thrived for four generations and one hundred years to achieve its current goal: the perfect cosmetic.

1903 - Brothers Giovanni Battista and Cornelio Bonetti established a company, Bonetti Frères, in Paris. Their core business aim was to manufacture pharmaceutical and health care products. The fourth generation of the Bonetti family now runs the business.
1920 - In 1905 Bonetti Frères scored a hit with Diadermine, the multi-purpose cream that became an instant international hit. Diadermine advertising campaigns featured larger-than-life celebrities like Bette Davis, Olivia De Havilland and Anna Magnani.
1930 - The Diadermine brand added a few exciting new products: blusher, skin cream, toothpaste, hand cream and sunscreens.
1962 - Birth of the Deborah brand: A make-up range embodying the deep social changes taking place at the time. The brand rapidly acquired a huge fan base. The first automatic mascara marked a definitive achievement: beauty stopped being an impossible dream. Make-up was now affordable and within every woman’s reach. Deborah became known as a “young brand with a young price” attracting a target group that no other brand had yet addressed.
1982 - Birth of the Debby brand- the first play & dream make-up line specifically targeted at teenagers.
1998 - The Deborah Group created the HC high-tech cosmetics brand. Cosmetic excellence in terms of innovation and performance, distributed through the pharmacy channel.
2006 - Deborah launched a new nail care line, Deborah Nailspace. At last, a professional manicure without having to leave your home.
2007 - The Debby brand underwent a total revamp and opted for a new target: The fashionista market. The decision turned out to be a real winner.
2008 - Alfabeti (Alphabets): Small visual counterpoints blending graphic art with architecture. Deborah took the distinctive atmosphere of Milan to a whole new level: The very heart of the fashion & design arena. Since 2008 Deborah has livened up the funky Fuori Salone events that run alongside Milan’s main international furniture and design fair.
2010 - From Deborah Group Laboratories came Dermolab, the new face treatment line embodying excellence in terms of innovation and technology.             source: deborahgroup.com
It is described as feather-light silky smooth powder to even out tone and leave a no-shine finish. Dermatologist tested. The powder has a lighter colour, suitable for light complexions. It comes in a 14 grams plastic recipient and has a valability of 24 months.
The powder is quite finaly milled, not too powdery on the skin. It feels good  when applying it onto the skin, I haven't had any reactions to it, not rashes or itching of any kind. It doesn't have a scent which is very good for those sensitive to it.
Here are the ingredients :
I have a combination to oily skin so I want my face to stay matte and my make-up to last onto the face during the day. One of the key products for this, is the powder which sets everything in place and mattifies the skin. This powder is decent, didn't blow me away in any way, it kept the face matte for 3 to 4 hours, then the shine appeared to the surface of the skin and I had to blot the face. It keeps the make-up in place and looks good onto the skin if applied in moderation. If layered too much and in great quantity it can look cakey and mask-like.

It can be found in hipermarkets and DM shops at aprox 25 ron.
All in all, it's an acceptable drugstore powder, it does its job decently for the money but for my combination to oily skin it's not enough. I'm still searching for the one powder that can make my shiny face look and feel good. I give the Deborah Milano powder the C grade, if you don't have a shiny face it can be the one for you at a decent price, give it a try!
A dose of English :
to swipe - a sweeping blow or stroke
to thrive - to make steady progress; prosper
core - main
to revamp - to renovate, revise, or restructure; redo
to mill - to grind, pulverize, or break down into smaller particles in a mill (moara) 
to blot - to soak up or dry with absorbent material



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