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Marionnaud make-up removal cotton pads - review

One of the products that never leave my little beauty corner in the bathroom are the make-up removal pads. Since I love to put on make-up I have to take it off at the end of the day and continue with my night routine. So I am always trying new brands of make-up removal pads searching for the perfect ones : soft to the skin, thick and well-made, 100 % cotton, pads that don't shred or become flaky and of course at a decent price since I go through them at a high speed all the time! Piece of cake, right? Wrong ... Actually it's quite difficult to find ones that check all the boxes ...

As I was browsing through the Marionnaud store near my house I remembered that I had almost consumed my make-up removal pads. What to do? Marionnaud make-up removal cotton pads to the rescue! Found them, bought them and took them home with me! Were they the perfect ones? Hmmm ... But let's start with a history lesson:
Marionnaud, Europe's largest perfumeries & cosmetics retailer has built a reputation on accessibility. Its history dates back to 1950s in France, where Bernard Marionnaud opened his first store allowing women to find beauty care products, make-up and top brand perfumes, all in one convenient location.
1984: Marcel Frydman buys for his wife a perfume shop in Montreuil – a Paris suburb
1985: Frydman buys the second shop in Paris
1992: The Company opens the 16th shop
1995: The company  takes over the Bernard Marionnaud perfumeries adopts the name of the Marionnaud brand
1998: Marionnaud is listed at the Paris stock market
2005: Marionnaud is taken over by A.S. Waston and joins one of the most extended networks of beauty shops in the world

Today, Marionnaud has over 1,200 stores in 11 countries across Europe, including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. In France alone, they have established as the leading perfumery chain. Among the drivers that have shaped their market-leading presence are the competitive pricing, personalised service and professional advice.     source: /
The 100% cotton pads I have bought come in a plastic bag containing 70 pieces. They are extra soft ones that do not fluff up.
They feel very soft to the skin, they don't scratch it (like other pads do, probably they are not 100% cotton) and they are quite thick (not very thin so that they don't absorb the lotions properly and not too thick to absorb too much product and waste it). The pad has on one side a flat surface used for removing eye makeup and lipstick
and on the other side an exfoliating surface ideal for applying cleansers, toners and astringents.
It can also be used for removing nail polish. I like the fact that the pad has a rim that is stitched together and it keeps the pad together as you use it (it happened to me with other pads that while taking off my make-up the pad disintegrates by not being stitched together).

You can buy them at the Marionnaud stores at the price of aprox.8 ron/ 1.50 euros.
All in all, I think that Marionnaud make-up removal cotton pads are very close to being the perfect ones: soft and gentle to the skin, great texture and thickness. I give them the -A grade ( due to the price, I would prefer them to be a little cheaper for such a common product that you use all the time). If you happen to be in a Marionnaud store give them a go! You won't regret it!
A dose of English :
pad - a thin, cushionlike mass of soft material used to fill, to give shape, or to protect against jarring, scraping, or other injury
shred - a long, thin piece cut or torn off of something
flaky -  consisting of flakes
flakes -  a thin flattened piece or layer
to flake - to break apart into small, thin pieces / to form loose, thin pieces that fall off
to fluff up - make fuller by shaking; "fluff up the pillows"
rim - the outer edge of a usually round object / the part of a wheel that the tire is put on 
to stitch - to make stitches, join together, or sew
to give something a go - to make a try at something


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