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Kiko 30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara - review

While staying in Italy and having heard about the Kiko brand, I wanted to try some of their products. I promised myself to be good and not to spend too much on make-up since I had already done some damage in the I decided to buy a mascara since my current one was showing signs of old age...time for retirement I thought, so I bought a new one.

There were several mascaras to choose from, discounted too, so I opened the testers and let the wands do the talking...I don't like to use a very large wand since I have quite a small face and I could easily smudge the mascara. I prefer small, thin wands that can elongate and separate the lashes. With this one I saw, I liked, I bought !

So I present you the Kiko 30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara ! But first something about the brand :
KIKO MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.

"Be What You Want to Be." This is how KIKO sums up its vision of Beauty. Through its extraordinarily wide and diversified range of products, KIKO allows everyone to express their own personality with custom-made products. A variety of colours, effects and sensations that are unique in the market to suit your style, skin tone, skin type and specific requirements, at every phase of your life.

KIKO's identity is rooted in "Made in Italy" values and the world of the capital for fashion, art and design. The research into original textures and colours is combined with research into quality formulas with guaranteed performance, for a perfect fusion of quality and creativity.                  source:
Now back to our mascara. It comes in a golden tube with black writing on top. It contains 8 ml/0.27 oz of product.
It is described as a black lash lengthening mascara which combines its immediate aesthetic performance with a special lash growth enhancer treatment. A new miraculous cosmetic with proven efficacy that acts on the natural development cycle of the lashes bringing them to new length targets.
K² pro-growth complex acts like an out-and-out concentrated nutritional supplement containing substances that are quickly assimilated by the structure of your lashes. Thanks to a sophisticated "mobile" micro-encapsulation system, the valuable active ingredients penetrate into the lashes and move along them toward their roots, where they can undertake their action. 

The special highly flexible elastomer mascara brush coats the lashes with intense black giving them instant length and definition.
It is  ophthamologically and hypoallergenically tested (provided with low sensitization).
The wand is thin and relatively small with little bristles along the entire length to coat evenly the lashes , even the small ones at the inner corner of the eye.
The mascara is the daily treatment for the lashes, there is another night treatment too (
I like the best mascaras that define and separate the lashes, elongating them. I like natural, separated, long lashes. I am not a fan of an exaggerated lash look "Here I am, I have laaaaashes!" So when I tried the mascara and saw the length and separation it gave my lashes I tought I had found the one!! And it wasn't expensive too. But let me show you what I mean (I apply mascara on top and bottom lashes).
one coat

Looks pretty good, right?
one coat
Let's try with two coats, not too heavily applied.
two coats

two coats
(Don't mind my lovely dark circles...I'm still fighting them with concealers, but that's another review). I love this lashy look, not very over the top but still enhancing the natural beauty.
Boy, was I happy!! I thought I would buy some more to have ... the beautiful dream lasted until late at night when I arrived home looking like this :
sorry about the lighting..the bathroom isn't the best place to photo
You see what I mean...the base of the eye is smudged with mascara fallen from the bottom lashes ... I was not very happy since I didn't fancy the raccoon look. I am still liking the mascara but I'll try to wear it only on the top lashes and use another mascara on the bottom ones...

You can find this mascara at all Kiko shops in Italy and here :
It costs 7.90 euros/ aprox 35 ron.

All in all, Kiko 30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara is a good mascara for the price, it gives length, definition, it doesn't clump the lashes. Its only fault is the fact that it can fall under the eye at the end of the day. This is why I give it the B grade. If you don't apply mascara under the lashes, it can be the perfect mascara for you so give it a go!
A dose of English:
wand - a long, thin stick
cutting-edge - the newest and most advanced area of activity in an art, science
root - the cause or source of something
to enhance - to increase or improve (something)
elastomer - any of various elastic substances resembling rubber 
bristle - a short, stiff hair, fiber  - the bristles of a brush


  1. nu am incercat nimic de la kiko, desi sora mea zice ca ojele sunt foarte foarte misto :)
    la mascara cel mai adesea aleg l`oreal, ne intelgem f bine.

  2. Si mie imi plac rimelurile L`oreal dar mereu vreau sa incerc altceva nou. Mai am rimeluri in testare. I'll be back!

  3. eu am un primer de gene de la ei si nu prea imi place. le intareste mult prea tare, ceea ce le face sa cada.

  4. Nu stiu cum sunt primerele de la ei, mai am cateva pe acasa asa ca le-am zis pas pe moment


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