duminică, 16 noiembrie 2014

It's just me : Monica

I write my stories in my little corner of the world : what I feel, how I feel, what I love or hate and what interests me. This is me! I don't make up complicated stories, long descriptions, fancy words ... It's only me, myself and I. I don't hide ! I tell you only my truth, my experiences good or bad and I FEEL GOOD!
me testing an eyeshadow
This is how it should be: the beauty blogger is a storyteller: he tells the story of a brand, of a product and of himself, he talks about his relationship with that product/service. He is an honest storyteller, he only speaks from his experience and from his heart. He doesn't make up false stories. He doesn't pretend, he only tells the truth as he sees it. We all need stories in our lives.

We need different opinions and attitudes.We are different and that's ok! We need to express ourselves freely and without restraint! We shouldn't apologize for being ourselves and different from the rest! We are unique! Don't be a copy, be an original! Tell your own story and live your own life! Don't let others live it for you! Go ahead and be your own storyteller! 


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